Our Parish Bulletin - 'Heart to Heart' serves as a means of communication within the parish, helping to announce the events and to report about the various undertakings in the Parish; it is also a testimony of God's wonderful deeds amongst us in our parish through the workings of its various cells / groups / associations / communities. Besides circulation within our parish (one copy per family), the bulletin is also sent to the Dean, Bishop etc as reports. Spiced with humour, information to good health, interviews with leaders within the Parish, message from the Parish Priest, articles for spiritual growth, and a corner for the children, the Heart to Heart is published four times in a year, viz. during the Easter, Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus, Feast of Nativity of our Lady and Christmas. Each issue focuses on a theme. The editorial team works within a scheduled timeframe and also takes into consideration the economics of publishing the bulletin. You are welcome to send your suggestions to improve the quality of the Heart to Heart.

Download (September 2018)

My Dear Parishioners,

Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus!

When we celebrate birthdays, we celebrate the gift of life that God has bestowed upon each one of us. Just as we thank God for giving us life and our friends, we should also take the opportunity to celebrate Jesus’ gift of His mother to us, by honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary on her birthday, September 8.

Here are few of my ideas to remember and commemorate the birthday of our Blessed Mother :

Firstly, have a special birthday celebration: Mary’s birthday is a special day to celebrate, because without her and her willingness to serve God, salvation history would have taken a very different turn. The best gift that you and I can give the Blessed Mother on her birthday is our devotion to Jesus and our willingness to serve God. Make a spiritual bouquet card, offering up our prayers and sacrifices in honor of the Blessed Mother’s intentions.

Secondly, celebrate with the Rosary: There are many instances in our lives when we can say ‘yes’ to God on a daily basis, just as Mary did. Another way to honor Mary on her birthday and ask for her help in always saying ‘yes’ to God, is to recite the Rosary - her favorite prayer. You can choose to say one decade or one mystery of the Rosary, but remember that all 20 decades and four mysteries tell the story of salvation. Pray for Mary’s intercession in ending any form of threats to life. Without heavenly assistance, we cannot hope to win the fight for life, in our country or anywhere in the world. Celebrating birthdays is a special way to remind ourselves that life is precious and deserves utmost respect and dignity.