Our Parish Bulletin - 'Heart to Heart' serves as a means of communication within the parish, helping to announce the events and to report about the various undertakings in the Parish; it is also a testimony of God's wonderful deeds amongst us in our parish through the workings of its various cells / groups / associations / communities. Besides circulation within our parish (one copy per family), the bulletin is also sent to the Dean, Bishop etc as reports. Spiced with humour, information to good health, interviews with leaders within the Parish, message from the Parish Priest, articles for spiritual growth, and a corner for the children, the Heart to Heart is published four times in a year, viz. during the Easter, Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus, Feast of Nativity of our Lady and Christmas. Each issue focuses on a theme. The editorial team works within a scheduled timeframe and also takes into consideration the economics of publishing the bulletin. You are welcome to send your suggestions to improve the quality of the Heart to Heart.

Download (June 2018)

My Dear Loving Parishioners,

Come June, and we are on the threshold of a new academic year. A new beginning is a beautiful opportunity which life gives us to be grateful to the Almighty. God has showered His abundant blessings on us all through the year gone by and we must thank Him in anticipation for the best that He has planned for us and which is yet to come.

As I complete one year of being your shepherd in this parish I want to thank the Almighty, for the abundant blessings He has bestowed on me during the year. I take this opportunity to thank you my dear parishioners for your love, concern, encouragement, co-operation and for the whole hearted support you gave me. I have benefited immensely from your goodness and generosity. I humbly request you to continue your prayerful support towards the growth and wellbeing of the parish.

I am sure most of you might have taken a break from your busy schedule of work and study. This summer break might have given you a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones and friends. Now, we are back to begin the new pastoral and academic year. I wish and pray that this new academic year brings with it abundant blessings and peace from the Lord on your families and on the parish as a whole.