Our Parish Bulletin - 'Heart to Heart' serves as a means of communication within the parish, helping to announce the events and to report about the various undertakings in the Parish; it is also a testimony of God's wonderful deeds amongst us in our parish through the workings of its various cells / groups / associations / communities. Besides circulation within our parish (one copy per family), the bulletin is also sent to the Dean, Bishop etc as reports. Spiced with humour, information to good health, interviews with leaders within the Parish, message from the Parish Priest, articles for spiritual growth, and a corner for the children, the Heart to Heart is published four times in a year, viz. during the Easter, Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus, Feast of Nativity of our Lady and Christmas. Each issue focuses on a theme. The editorial team works within a scheduled timeframe and also takes into consideration the economics of publishing the bulletin. You are welcome to send your suggestions to improve the quality of the Heart to Heart.

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My Dear Parishioners,

After forty grace-filled days of Lent we celebrate Easter, the greatest and the most important event in the Christian calendar. It is the most important event because it is the corner stone of our faith, the foundation on which the Church was built and marked the beginning of Christianity. As St. Paul beautifully says, “if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain” (1 Cor 15:14).

While being an historical event, verifiable and attested by signs and testimonies, the Resurrection, insofar as it is the entrance of Christ's humanity into the glory of God, transcends and surpasses history as a mystery of faith. For this reason, the risen Christ did not manifest Himself to the world but to His disciples, making them His witnesses to the people.

By celebrating Easter, we proclaim to the world out there, that we are followers of the Risen Lord. Hence, Easter should and does shape the life of every Christian. Therefore, we should not consider Easter as an event that we commemorate once a year and then choose to forget it. No, we need to remember and celebrate the meaning of Easter and let it influence our daily lives.

While it is true that just a verbal proclamation that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead is not going to usher about a change in our lives. Christ’s Resurrection is not a mystery to be analyzed intellectually. It is a mystery to be lived. It should speak directly to our hearts and touch our very existence and treat it as the fulcrum of our religious tenets and beliefs.

The Resurrection of Christ is a transcendent work of God. The three Persons act together according to what is proper to them: the Father manifests His power; the Son "takes again" the life which He freely offered (John 10:17), reuniting His soul and His body which the Spirit brings to life and glorifies.