Our Parish Bulletin - 'Heart to Heart' serves as a means of communication within the parish, helping to announce the events and to report about the various undertakings in the Parish; it is also a testimony of God's wonderful deeds amongst us in our parish through the workings of its various cells / groups / associations / communities. Besides circulation within our parish (one copy per family), the bulletin is also sent to the Dean, Bishop etc as reports. Spiced with humour, information to good health, interviews with leaders within the Parish, message from the Parish Priest, articles for spiritual growth, and a corner for the children, the Heart to Heart is published four times in a year, viz. during the Easter, Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus, Feast of Nativity of our Lady and Christmas. Each issue focuses on a theme. The editorial team works within a scheduled timeframe and also takes into consideration the economics of publishing the bulletin. You are welcome to send your suggestions to improve the quality of the Heart to Heart.

Download (December 2018)

My Dear Parishioners,

It is hard to believe that the month of December is upon us and almost coming to an end! It marks that busy time of year when we commence Christmas shopping, drag out the decorations, and put together holiday party plans.

There is a word that we'll hear repeatedly this month i.e. the word ‘gift’. You will be out frantically searching for gifts, finding the right gift at the right place at the right price. Where did all that come from anyway? The tradition of gifting, began because God gave you a gift at the very first Christmas. God has a gift for you and His gift is a person. He is Jesus Christ! Then, what is the message of this gift we call Christmas? The message of Christmas is: "You matter to God." You matter to God so much that He sent His only son Jesus Christ to live with you. That's the whole message of Christmas.

Reflecting on the Scripture, I think it's significant that the very first thing the angel said to people when he announced that Jesus is born is "Don't be afraid." Some people are afraid of God. But Jesus Christ came to earth not to scare us but to save us. That is why he came as a baby. Who ever is afraid of a baby?

If God wanted to relate to badgers, He would have become a badger. If He wanted to relate to a deer, He would have become a deer. But no, He wanted to relate to human beings so He came to earth as a human being. He came into the world the same way all of us came into the world. Through birth. This Christmas I invite you to accept God's gift of happiness, of hope and of harmony. These are the side benefits of receiving God's gift, Jesus Christ.

According to the Gospel, the angel said, "I bring you the most joyful news ever announced." He says, I want you to be happy. God says, "I come to give you good news of great joy.” And the first gift God wants you to have is the opportunity to be happy and joyful. Jesus said, "I came to give life -- life in all its fullness." Enjoy it! God wants you to make the most of your life, not to waste it or abuse it, but to make your life count. Have you accepted God's gift of joy?