Our Parish Bulletin - 'Heart to Heart' serves as a means of communication within the parish, helping to announce the events and to report about the various undertakings in the Parish; it is also a testimony of God's wonderful deeds amongst us in our parish through the workings of its various cells / groups / associations / communities. Besides circulation within our parish (one copy per family), the bulletin is also sent to the Dean, Bishop etc as reports. Spiced with humour, information to good health, interviews with leaders within the Parish, message from the Parish Priest, articles for spiritual growth, and a corner for the children, the Heart to Heart is published four times in a year, viz. during the Easter, Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus, Feast of Nativity of our Lady and Christmas. Each issue focuses on a theme. The editorial team works within a scheduled timeframe and also takes into consideration the economics of publishing the bulletin. You are welcome to send your suggestions to improve the quality of the Heart to Heart.

Download (December 2017)

"...Shout and sing for joy, O inhabitants of Zion, for great in your midst is the HOLY ONE of Israel." - Isaiah 12:6

My Dear Parishioners,

Warm and loving greetings to each and everyone of you!

As I sit at my desk preparing my Christmas message, I can't believe that very soon 2017 will come to a close. What a year it has been! Well, this Holy Feast of the Lord's Nativity at the end of the year calls us to be humble, loving and trusting enough to allow ourselves to be found by Christ and be brought "home". Christmas is a time for home coming. All over the world family members separated due to work, worries or even hurt relationships make a special effort to put time, tasks and grudges aside to come home. Isn't it amazing that in spite of the widespread commercialization of Christmas, people still realize deep down in their hearts that the birth of our Savior is an occasion to be celebrated with loved ones in unity, peace and joy?