About Us

Our History

The Birth of a new Parish

The history of Sacred Heart Parish, Andheri East is full of events, struggles, and achievements from its conception till date. Today, we can proudly say that it is one of the best and vibrant parishes in the Archdiocese of Bombay, in all spheres.

Our Parish was conceptualised on June 21, 1987 by the Archdiocese of Bombay, and entrusted to the pastoral care of The Society of Divine Word [Societas Verbi Divini (SVD)] Fathers. Prior to June 1987, many of the parishioners were members of Holy Family Parish, our Mother Church and in fact till recently, we were allowed to use the cemetery as a final resting place for our deceased. The parish today is contained within the boundaries of the new parish unit, the Sacred Heart Chapel, proposed by Fr. Frederick Sopena S.J. in his communication dated 14.12.1982 to the Episcopal Vicar of the Holy Cross Church, Kurla.

The very idea of Sacred Heart Church in our area emerged out of a decision taken in 1979 by the erstwhile Parish Priest of Holy Family Church, Fr. Frederick Sopena S.J. He gave up his position as parish priest and moved into a chawl in Achanak Colony to cater to the pastoral needs of the parishioners staying there. A part of his residence in the chawl was converted into the Sacred Heart Chapel where Holy Mass was celebrated on June 1, 1979 for the first time. This can be treated as the real beginning of our Parish, although then it was only a chapel of the Holy Family Church.

During the late fifties, Fr. George Proksch SVD (Guru Gyan Prakash) came down to Bombay and tried to set up an ashram in this area. Impressed by the richness of Indian culture he decided to totally identify himself with India even to the extent of Indianising his name. He set up the Gyan Ashram in 1958 on a piece of land purchased on the hillock by the side of the present church building complex. He continued his efforts to acquire more land to fulfill the vision he had. Meanwhile the Hindi Sanskriti Sangam Trust was registered on 1.9.1955 and in 1962, another Charitable Public Trust was registered under the name All India Soverdia Sangam. Through these trusts, and organizations like Gyan Ashram, The Institute of Indian culture etc. constituted under them, various activities were undertaken by the SVDs in the area, and the city of Mumbai. These activities gave tremendous impetus to other Catholic Institutions and various other religious orders to move into this area. As a result, Carmel Monastery, Home for the Aged, Holy Spirit Hospital, Dominic Savio Boy's home, Cheshire Home, Canossa Convent etc. were established in the area. Gradually the number of catholic families settling down in this area began to increase.

Towards the late seventies, spilling into the early eighties, more and more housing colonies like Gracious, Takshila, Sher-E-Punjab, MHADA, Poonam Nagar, Namaskaar and Greenfields at the farthest end came up and middle class and even upper middle class families began to move in. Among them were many catholic families. Fr. Sopena's foresight to set up the Sacred Heart chapel at Mahakali Caves Road stood in good stead to meet the religious and pastoral needs of all the Catholics who had moved into the area. In true spirit of the IInd Vatican Council, Fr. Sopena encouraged participation of laity in the affairs of the Parish to the fullest extent. Fr. Fredrick Sopena led the people by his own example, and he can truly be called the founding Father of Sacred Heart Parish, Andheri East.

With so many activities, the need for land and a proper church building thereon became very urgent. The SVD congregation by 1985 showed interest in taking over the parish in this area, and the Bombay province of the Society of Jesus, who was taking care of the pastoral needs, wrote to the SVD provincial in a letter dated Oct 21, 1985 expressing happiness over the development. On September 7, 1986 it was officially made known to the parish council of Sacred Heart chapel that the Archdiocese of Bombay would constitute a separate Parish, to be under the pastoral care of the SVD Fathers at Gyan Ashram campus. It was on June 21, 1987 that Sacred Heart parish was born at a concelebrated mass held at Canossa Basement Hall. The main celebrant of the mass was Bishop Ferdinand Fonseca. While the Bishop announced the birth of the parish, Fr. Joseph Panthalathy, the then Provincial superior of the Southern India province of SVD, announced that one acre land of SVD will be earmarked for the use the Parish.

Fr. Joseph Lopez, the first Parish Priest together with two young trainee priests, Fr. Augustine Rodrigues and Fr. Joseph Kalanchira. deputed to the parish for one year began their work of setting up the new parish office. The parish Fathers and parishioners of Sacred Heart acquired a place which was once a poultry shed. With generous donations from the SVD Provincial and from parishioners, well-wishers and friends, the necessary changes including re-wiring, painting etc, of the structure was carried out and all necessary items of a parish chapel and office incorporated. The first mass in this modified structure was celebrated by the Parish Priest Fr. Joseph Lopez on December 8, 1987 concelebrated by 10 other Priests. By then the number of catholic families in the area grew to about 800. The parish set out to form the Sacred Heart Church Trust. Demarcation of one acre of land allotted for the parish use from AISS Trust land and fencing it etc., itself was a time consuming process. Fr. Lawrence Correa SVD who was the then Administrator of AISS Trust did a commendable job by his constant efforts to overcome all difficulties in demarcating the plot of land for the parish. The main hurdle in this regard was the difficulty in surveying the land. A court order had to be obtained for the same as a court case was pending since 1986 due to the encroachment of the land by a builder. Fr. S.M. Michael SVD the secretary to AISS Trust made every effort to get the court order for the survey.

Since 1992 up until 2000 the Parish concentrated on the building project of the church, as per the guidance and direction of Fr. Sylvester Rego the Administrator of All India Soverdia Sangam. At the same time a building committee consisting of parish Fathers, Fr. Rego and a few parishioners was constituted for this purpose. Thanks to the SVD authorities, our parish could get such a vast and beautiful piece of land at such a prime location for our use. Mobilization of funds for the construction of the Church began in right earnest.

Fr. Anthony Furtado SVD, the then parish priest took steps in early 1994 to centralise the liturgical services at the Parish itself. In January 1994, the west side wall of the chapel was demolished, and the location of the altar on the north side was shifted to the east side and an open shed was built to accomodate the congregation. With this all parish masses celebrated outside the Church premises could be stopped and the whole commnunity could be brought together at the Church.

Fr. Walter Mendonca SVD, took over the reins of the parish. During this time an advisory committee was constituted to manage parish affairs till formal parish elections were held and Building Committee re-constitued. New Architect was appointed. On May 17, 1998 the foundation stone of our Church was laid. The transformation of the exteriors and interiors of the church from a poultry shed to the present structure of elegance was amazing. Finally the day dawned. The inauguration and blessing of the magnificent Church building built on the foundation stone laid by Fr. Sopena S. J. took place on 8th Sept.2000. with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist by his grace, Archbishop Ivan Dias.

The essence of all these efforts helped create the vision mission statement of the parish "Vibrant with the Spirit of the Risen Lord, towards a community of deeper faith, worship, love and service" and published and adopted by the whole parish in June 2002.

Today, we have 29 small Christian communities and 34 cells and associations attending to the specific needs of target groups of parishioners or carrying out certain specialized tasks in the service of all the parishioners. In all this, the parish pastoral team under the dynamic guidance of Fr. Cyprian Lewis, our Parish Priest has made invaluable contribution to the Parish and its surroundings.

The hectic pace of activities of all these vibrant communities, cells and associations, called for providing more infrastructure. Thus the construction of a community centre with meeting halls became an urgent necessity. The Parishioners, through their generous contributions and undaunted faith in the Parish team made this dream a reality. On June 6th 2004 the project was completed and inaugurated by Fr. Gregory Pinto SVD, Provincial Superior of Mumbai Province of the SVDs.

Another urgent and necessary project was our own cemetery. The Parish was already on an extension of period under notice of termination for use of the Holy Family Parish cemetery. By acquiring land admeasuring 1200 sq. yards from All India Soverdia Sangam the plan for 380 graves surrounded by a 6 feet wall with provision for individual niches in the wall, was finalized. This was completed in the year 2005, and the parish cemetery was blessed on 2-11-2005 by His Grace Archbishop Ivan cardinal Dias.

The compilation of full and comprehensive data of all the parishioners was a long felt need and on 27th January 2008, the Parish released its first Parish Directory. Several attempts made with regards to Parish Data Compilation could not be completed, ever since the first census compiled in 1990 of 1268 families divided into 20 zones on the basis of rudimentary data. So in September 2002 our parish began collection of comprehensive data of each parishioner, family wise. During the period between December 2005 and April 2006 the Parish Pastoral Team visited all the families and updated the family records. In July 2006, the parish issued family cards to all the registered families. As of 11th December 2007, we have 2025 families spread across the length and breadth of the Parish.

Due to the large influx of Christian families into various housing projects in our parish area the number of parishioners has doubled since the 1990 census. Hence we had to put to use our parish grounds on important occasions to accommodate the full congregation. Thus the need for levelling the grounds and paving it with interlocking concrete blocks became a necessity. Hence this project was undertaken in January 2006 and was completed in 3 months' time.

The successful completion of various projects would not have been possible, had the parish not given adequate attention to the spiritual growth of the parishioners.

We began, by dedicating each calendar year to the spiritual development in different areas as under:

Year Dedicated to
2003 The Family
2004 Word of God-Holy Bible
2005 Peace & Reconciliation
2006 Youth & Children
2007 Marginalized & Poor
2008 Small Christian Communities
2009 Peace & Harmony
2010 Making a House, a Home
2011 Year of Prayer
2012 Silver Jubilee of the Parish
2013 Faith
2014 Family
2015 Year of Consecrated life
2016 Jubilee Year of Mercy and Children
2017 Year of Small Christian Communities
2018 Year of the Youth
Thus our parish is well equipped spiritually and infrastructurally to accomplish great tasks for the glory of God and in His precious name, in the days ahead.

Our Mission

Our Vision

“Vibrant with the Spirit of the Risen Lord towards a community of deeper faith, worship, love and service.”

Mission Statement

We strive to live our Vision in our families, in our parish and in our neighbourbood through our following mission.


To create an abundance of life, we desire that each of our families be a domestic church by living family values.

We do this by:

  • Spending quality time together, (eg: being together, praying together.)
  • Respecting each one as a person, especially women in our families.
  • Paying special attention to the youth and senior citizens.

The Family Cell helps from this domestic church through workshops and seminars that would include:

  • Parenting skills
  • Youth counseling
  • Reconciliation (at all levels)
  • Gender bias (Sex discrimination, female infanticide)
  • Family counseling. (Enrichment and awareness programs)

The family cell promotes pro-life ministries and gives our youth responsibilities. The family participates at the parish level by involving at least one member in any parish-related activity.


We nurture this abundance of life through Faith formation and Service oriented leadership.

We do this through:

  • Bible study and its application in daily life.
  • Creative, active participation in liturgies.
  • Spiritual direction for youth.

We undertake the above for our own formation; we very specially reach out to those who are leaving the Catholic Church. We also need trained Animators with a clear vision, who will lead an exemplary Christian life.

We do this by:

  • Enhance increased participation of the parishioners. (eg: laity involvement in the Administration)
  • Tap talents.
  • Promote voluntary service.
  • Resolve differences.
  • Recognition of those who participate actively in the life of the parish.
  • Incentives to those sharing their expertise and giving of their valuable time.

The SCCs ensure that the poor and the marginalized are cared for in the different communities. A Center be created for Social concern and empowerment of the poor and the marginalized at the parish level. In order to enhance the work of the parish carious cells suggested are: Counselling. Legal aid. Health. ALMs, women in crisis, political and civic, justice and peace, senior citizens helpline. The above requires that the Parish team be transparent, accountable, open to suggestions and more involved in the day-to-day problems of the parishioners.


This abundance of life overflows into our building a just and more humane society.

We do this by:

  • Actively participating in the political and civic life and our country.
  • Channelizing our funds towards the poor, sick and the needy.
  • Interaction and dialogue with other religions and communities.
  • Involvement in problems associated with society and public related works.

For the above need to:

  • Motivate people to a strong political leadership so as to direct our justice and civic initiatives.
  • SCC animators to take our endeavors down to the grass root level.
  • Deepen and appreciated our Indian culture. In the areas of Family, Parish and Neighbourhood the SCCs have a special role.
  • The animators to be trained.
  • More involvement with other organizations.
  • To create civic awareness in their small communities.
  • Conduct inter-communal prayers.
Our Clergy Team

Fr. Innocent Fernandes, SVD

Parish Priest

Fr. Innocent Fernandes, SVD was born on 28th December 1955 to Late Juze Paul and Constantine Fernandes. He hails from Goa and is the eldest of his four brothers and one sister.

Fr. Innocent was ordained on 12th May 1988 at his parish Church, St. Ann’s, Agonda, by Bishop Raul Gonsalves. He was the parish priest of Holy Family Church, Marcella, Goa from 2005 -2008 and St. Theresa's Church, Bandra West from 2008-2011.

Some of the previous assignments in his Priestly ministry have been at the newly opened Mission station in Toopran village, Medha District in Andhra Pradesh, for a year, in St. Britto’s Parish, Andhra Pradesh as an Assistant Priest from 1989-1991, at the Minor Seminary Raia, Goa from 1991-1993 as a prefect for the seminarians and once again from 1997 – 2002 as Procurator and Farm In-charge.
Fr. Innocent has served in our parish as a Co-pastor from 1993-1997, 2002-2005, and from 2011-2017.

He is acknowledged to be a people’s man, a simple approachable pastor and loved by all – the children, the youth and the senior citizens alike. He is well known for his pastoral quality to reach out to people with a listening ear.

Fr. Valerian Pius Fernandes, SVD


Fr. Valerian Fernandes SVD,was born on September 01, 1961, to Late Monthu and Bridget Fernandes in Rayee, Karnataka, Fr. Valerian, is the youngest of his 9 siblings, one brother and seven sisters of whom one is a religious.

He completed his elementary schooling in 1975 and joined the Society of the Divine Word, at Kirem. He always excelled in studies. Because of his interest in studying the Bible, he was given special permission to continue with his studies immediately after his Priestly Ordination in 1992. Thus, before going for mission work in distant Papua New Guinea, he completed his Master’s in Theology (Sacred Scripture) in Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth, in 1994.

In Papua New Guinea, he taught in the seminary and also worked as the Dean of Studies, for three years: from 1997 till 1999. He then went to do his Doctorate in Sacred Scriptures in Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. He completed his Doctoral studies in October 2004. Back in Papua New Guinea, he taught again in the seminary for six years, and during this period, he was appointed,again, as the Dean of Studies for two years. He returned to India at the end of 2010. He was appointed to the SVD Formation house in Mysore for three years. His last pastoral assignment was as the Director of Divine Call Centre, Mulki.

Fr. Valerian is known to be a meticulous and disciplined person. He has joined as a co-pastor of Sacred Heart Parish effective June 2017.

Fr. Praveen Aranha, SVD


Fr. Praveen Aranha SVD, hails from Nakre, Udupi district in Karnataka. He was born on 29th December 1986 and is the youngest of the three children of late Mr. Francis Aranha and Mrs. Regina Aranha. He has an elder sister and brother.

Soon after pursuing his elementary education at Nakre, He joined St. Peter’s Seminary SVD in Kirem. Fr. Praveen was ordained as a Deacon on 2nd of January 2015 and was assigned to the Sacred Heart Parish for his diaconate Ministry for 6 months. He is known to be a friendly person.

Fr. Praveen Aranha, SVD was ordained on 2nd of May 2017 at the Divine Call Center, Mulki,Mangalore. Most Rev. Dr. Leo Cornelio SVD, Arch Bishop of Bhopal, conferred on him the Sacrament of Priestly ordination. ‘To be His Witness’ is his pastoral motto.

As His first appointment, Fr. Praveen is appointed to the Sacred Heart Parish Andheri East, as a

Fr. Sunil Santosh Soreng, SVD


Fr. Sunil Santosh Soreng SVD,hails from Odisha. Fr. Sunil’s parents are Oscar and Dibya Priya Soreng. He is the youngest in his family. He has two brothers and three sisters. He joined the SVD minor Seminary after completing his SSC. Fr. Sunil has completed his BA in English literature from the Loyola College, Chennai and his MA in Philosophy from the Barkatulla University, Bhopal.

Having completed his diaconate ministry at the St. Theresa Church, Bandra, Fr. Sunil was ordained on 14th January 2018 at the St Mary’s Church, Kahupani Parish, Odisha by Rt. Rev. Alphonse Billung SVD, Emeritus Bishop of Rourkela Diocese.

His pastoral motto is ‘In Your Service’. Fr. Sunil is a good preacher of the Word of God, an active sportsman and known for his organisation skills.

Fr. Sunil SVD has joined as a co-pastor at Sacred Heart Church, effective June 2018. This is his first pastoral assignment.

Our Regular Schedule

Sunday Mass

06.30 am (English Mass)
07.30 am (Konkani Mass)
08.45 am (Parish Mass)
10.00 am (Children's Mass - Church)
10.00 am (English Mass - Community Hall)

4.15 pm (Hindi Mass)
5.30 pm (English Mass)

Wedding Mass Timings
Monday to Saturday
Disparity of Cult and Mixed Marriage : 3.00 pm
Catholic Weddings : 5.00 pm
All Thursdays and First Fridays : 4.30 pm
Sunday : 5.30 pm (Scheduled Mass)

Weekday Masses

6.30 am, 7.30 am and 7.00 pm (English Mass)

Eucharistic Adoration : 6.00 pm to 6.45 pm
(except Thursdays before 1st Friday of each Month)

First Friday
Eucharistic Adoration : 6.00 pm to 6.45 pm

Last Friday of the Month
Intercession through the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 7.30 pm in the Church

Catechism for Children
8.45 am to 9.45 am every Sunday

Weekdays 6.30 pm and Saturday 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm

2nd and 4th Sundays at 11.00 am

Pre-nuptial Enquiry
By Appointment

Sick Calls
At any time

PPC Parish Pastoral Council
2016 - 2019
I Executive Committee
No. Name Designation
1 Fr. Innocent Fernandes SVD President
2 Andrew D'Souza Vice President
3 Anella Quadros Secretary
4 Josephine Fernandes Jt. Secretary
5 Ida Quinny CCO Coordinator
6 Candida Mendoza Parish Coordinator of SCCs
II Ex-Officio Members
No. Name Designation
1 Fr. Innocent Fernandes SVD President
2 Fr. Valerian Fernandes SVD Co-Pastor
3 Fr. Praveen Aranha SVD Co-Pastor
4 Fr. Sunil Soreng SVD Co-Pastor
5 Sr. Magaret Chettiar FDCC Canossa Convent
6 Sr. Arokia FS Fatima Convent
7 Sr. Reena Philip SSpS Holy Spirit Convent
8 Fr. Scariachan Pannacka SVD SVD Unit Leader
9 Fr. Brian Moras SDB SDB
III Lay Office Bearers
No. Name Designation
1 Ida Quinny CCO Coordinator
2 Candida Mendoza Parish Coordinator of SCCs
IV Elected Lay Representatives
No. Name Designation
1 Josephine Fernandes Lay Representative
2 Francisca Saldanha Lay Representative
3 Hazel Mendonca Lay Representative
4 Joseph Chettiar Lay Representative
5 Derrick Fernandes Lay Representative
6 Sarita Almeida Lay Representative
V Nominated
No. Name Designation
1 Pearl Raphael Youth Representative
VI Elected Community Representatives
No. Name Designation Spiritual Directors for the Year 2017-18 Area No.
1 Gracy Fernandes Immaculate Conception Fr. Valerian SVD 1
2 Agatha Fernandes Our Lady of Fatima Fr. Valerian SVD 3
3 Evita Quadros Holy Cross Fr. Sunil SVD 3
4 Celine Pinto Divya Jyoti Fr. Praveen SVD 3
5 Sharmila Antao St. Anthony's Fr. Valerian SVD 1
6 Theresa Fernandes Morning Star Fr. Sunil SVD 1
7 Rosita Fernandes Good Shepherd Fr. Sunil SVD 1
8 James Correa Infant Jesus Fr. Praveen SVD 1
9 Rosaline Pereira Divine Mercy Fr. Sunil SVD 3
10 Laveena Vaz St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Fr. Praveen SVD 5
11 Lloyd Zaccheus Jeevan Jyoti Fr. Valerian SVD 5
12 Ellie D'lima Apostles of Christ Fr. Innocent SVD 5
13 Thelma Lobo Holy Family Fr. Valerian SVD 2
14 Carmen Fernandes Helpers of Jesus Fr. Innocent SVD 2
15 Venessa Maria Quinny Akashdeep Fr. Sunil SVD 2
16 Phyllis Pereira Our Lady of Nazareth Fr. Sunil SVD 2
17 Ida Quinny St. Dominic Savio Fr. Praveen SVD 4
18 Jane Lobo Good Samaritan Fr. Sunil SVD 4
19 Glaxy Ferrao Christ the King Fr. Innocent SVD 4
20 Robin Adiyal Dayasagar Fr. Innocent SVD 6
21 Janet Lopez St. Paul's Fr. Innocent SVD 6
22 Andrew D'Souza Prem Sagar Fr. Sunil SVD 6
23 Esmeralda Pinto Shantidaan Fr. Praveen SVD 7
24 Marilyn Barsagade Emmanuel Fr. Innocent SVD 7
25 Paul J. Kuthokathan Pavan Atma Fr. Valerian SVD 6
26 Evjin Noronha St. Anne's Fr. Innocent SVD 7
27 Melwin D'Souza Holy Trinity Fr. Praveen SVD 2
28 Chris D'Souza St. Joseph the Worker Fr. Praveen SVD 4
29 Agnes Anthony Our Lady of Rosary Fr. Praveen SVD 5
30 Vincent D'souza Shalom Fr. Innocent SVD 7
31 Elizabeth Chettiar Hosanna Fr. Valerian SVD 6
32 Anella Quadros Sacred Heart Fr. Sunil SVD 3
33 Candida Mendoza Yahweh's Clan Fr. Valerian SVD 5
34 Rayna D'Souza Mystical Rose Fr. Praveen SVD 5
SCC Small Christian Communities

Sacred Heart Parish, Andheri East, covers an expanse of roughly 3+ kms stretching from MIDC at one end to the outer boundary wall of Majas Depot at the other. The Church is a landmark in its own right, surrounded by Religious Institutions which have contributed to it being referred to as "Mini Rome" by the surrounding Parishes. The antecedents of the Parish can be traced back to the Sacred Heart Chapel in 1979 which soon became inadequate to meet the spiritual needs of the bulging populace giving rise to the birth of Sacred Heart Parish in 1987. The Church as a structure took time to come up and on September 8, 2000 was finally inaugurated much to the joy and pride of the Parishioners. But it was actually in 1999 that the real building of the Church commenced - The Living Church - The Small Christian Community Programme. Beginning with 27 communities which appeared ample at the time, the number has increased to 34 with the influx of more and more migrants to the area. Today the Parish is well connected through these 34 communities which have been grouped according to the geographical distribution into 7 areas some of the communities have been broken down further into little groups called Clusters. The Clusters presently numbering 107 are instrumental in connecting the families in a community. The youth of the community are a part of the Neighbourhood Youth Group (NYG) in every community.

Beginning primarily as neighbourhood prayer groups, the SCCs have graduated to being the mainstay of the Parish. The involvement is stupendous and the activities varied and customised to include every age group and economic status, ranging from spiritual to socio-cultural, to exposure programmes to training. The year 2009 was doubly significant for the army of 200+ animators of Sacred Heart Parish - the SCC programme is celebrated it's Silver Jubilee in Mumbai and in the Parish a decade of its formation.

Each baptised Catholic by virtue of his/her Baptism is automatically a member of the Small Christian Community. But to give shape to the Vision Mission of the Parish, each of the 34 communities has a small group of committed persons called animators, who form the core group and voluntarily commit themselves and their time. From among the animators is elected a PPC representative who acts as a link between the community and the Parish and along with the other animators, animates the community. There are also other office bearers namely a Coordinator, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The SCCs have an arduous task to fulfill, living out their mission of sharing, caring and being communitarian.

The animators or core group of each community meet once a month (or sometimes more often if the activities of the month demand) for Gospel Sharing and business discussions. Every meeting is minuted, has an agenda for discussion, and duration of an hour and fifteen minutes. This meeting takes place within the community. At the Parish level is held the Steering Committee Meeting, bi-monthly, which is attended by the coordinators of all the communities, the Religious from the surrounding Institutions who are involved in SCC work and the Parish Pastoral team. This committee plans for the communities on a larger spectrum. These meetings too are minuted and forwarded to Bishop Bosco's office. Besides, a quarterly report of activities of each community is forwarded to Bishop Bosco's office at the end of every quarter.

A lot of importance is also attached to training and formation, at the parish level, as well as externally. Over the course of ten years, most animators have benefited, in more ways than one, from training by expert resource persons both at the parish and through long terms courses. New entrants are groomed similarly.

Some of the good work carried out by the animators in their respective communities is reaching out to the sick and housebound through visits, at festive time or during the Marian months of October and May, reaching out to the less privileged with financial support, or payment of school/tuition fees, commemorating the community anniversary with the celebration of the Eucharist followed by a get-together or a whole day picnic thereby fostering spiritual as well as socio-cultural bonding, observing special days as a community and a host of other activities. Spiritual activities like organising the Stations of the Cross in the community during the Lenten season and the Holy Hour in turns at the Parish give the SCC programme a holistic hue and foster communitarian bonding.

It is both noteworthy and praiseworthy that for 15 long years his Lordship struggled to form the SCCs in our Parish. His final attempt in1999 paid off and today the SCCs are here to stay. Having renewed their commitment to animatorship on July 12th 2009, there is no doubt that the animators will continue to work selflessly to uphold the Vision Mission statement of the Parish to become and remain "Vibrant with the Spirit of the Risen Lord towards a community of deeper faith, love and service".

CCO Center for Community Organisation

In the Bombay Archdiocesan Synod 2001, His grace Archbishop Ivan Dias, stressed on the importance of Parish Cells. This is what the post Synodal document states: "An important and obligatory constituent of every parish is a Centre for Community Organization. It will ensure that we move towards transforming the image of the Parish from a centre of mere rituals and worship to a centre of empowerment, i.e. where we put into practice our vision of being a participatory- Servant Church, in favour of the poor and the marginalized in the Parish."

His Grace Ivan Dias also stressed the importance of Parish's Cells. The said Document thus says: "The Parish will also create "Cells" to respond to various needs in an organized manner. These Cells could evolve from various services responding to the felt needs and priorities on the Parish. Within a specific time frame, the Parish should decide which cells/services must be established and possibly network with existing Parish Associations with similar charisms."

Keeping in mind the decisions and encouragement from the Synod, the Centre for Community Organization was blessed and inaugurated on 8th September 2004. This was another milestone, exactly 4 years after the inauguration of our Church. The CCO office decided to work in certain areas as per the needs and priorities of the parish, particularly keeping focus on the Parish Vision Mission : "Vibrant with the Spirit of the Risen Lord towards a Community of deeper Faith, Worship Love and Service". Many new Cells / Committees were started and some of the existing ones strengthened.

The CCO reaches out to all the parishioners, especially the poor and marginalized, as Bishop Percy told the members of the FCCO (Federation of Centers for Community Organization) in their Consultation "The CCOs are a very powerful arm of the Church in Mumbai". They are the social consciousness of the Parish. Today we are called to complement our works with "Empowerment"; called to humanize the human- being".

The CCO functions in a unique way. It has not been set up as an independent organization, but as an organization of the Parish that works in collaboration and support of various Cells/Associations/Small Christian Communities, especially in matters relating to various social, economic, cultural and civic aspects. In this way, CCO aims to reach out to many needy people, especially in areas of health, education and housing in collaboration with Benevolent Fund and SVP. The CCO does the preliminary steps of filling forms, and be liaison with the Holy Spirit Hospital where the patients after being scrutinized are treated.

Various courses have been organized, like Self-Employment Training programmes, "Developing Multi-skills" in order to help the trainees to be gainfully employed, or use their skills in their day to day life.

Through the employment cell many job placements have taken place not only for Catholics but for people of other faiths as well. Regular medical services are organized by the Health Cell of our Parish by ways of camps, regular blood and sugar check- ups, talks by Doctors etc. All these events take place at the Community Centre, for the benefit of all.

The year 2007 was dedicated to the "marginalized". We keep in mind the mission and command of Our Lord Jesus Christ "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto Me" (Mathew 25:40). We want to ensure that the poor, weak, helpless and the lonely are cared for, no one would go to bed hungry, no child would be deprived of education and no one would die for lack of medical aid. Our outreach to the needy continues.. Thanks to the one per cent contribution of our parishioners to the Community Welfare Fund.

In the area of education the CCO is involved in

  1. Helping students to get scholarships for Minority quota - "Maulana Azad" Scholarship for girls at XI std.
  2. "Post Matric" Scholarship - for students studying from Std. XI to TY any stream , D.Ed, B.Ed, ITI, Vocational courses, M. Phil and Ph.D
  3. "Merit cum Means" Scholarship for students pursuing professional and technical undergraduate and PG courses.

CCO also caters to Matrimonials. We have a number of single girls and boys who have registered at the CCO from within and outside the parish and they are welcome to find a match after registering.

All the different programmes planned by the Cells, Associations, Groups are recorded, monitored and displayed on the notice board so that there is no clash when requirement of rooms and halls are put forward by them for their meetings and events.

The Dental Clinic has been set up in the Community Centre for the benefit of all the Parishioners, open to people of other faiths too. The clinic is hygienic and the cost of any treatment is reasonable. The clinic has on its panel, ten various doctors like Oral Surgeon, Periodontist, Orthodontist, implantologist and other BDS doctors. They carry out various jobs like Frenectomy, Operlectomy, Flap Surgery, Crown lengthening procedure (CLP), surgical extraction of wisdom tooth, one sitting Root Canal and implants and braces. The Clinic is open from Monday to Saturday and works on two shifts i.e. from 9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm.

The opening of the Homeopathy Clinic is another milestone for the parish. It was inaugurated on 31st October, 2009. Our clinic, aims at giving special care to each and every patient right from examining to correct diagnosis and giving medicine for successful treatment of the ailment. Homeopathic medicine has been used to treat various ailments safely and effectively. The clinic is open to our parishioners as well as non-parishioners regardless of caste and creed. The clinic operates on Tuesdays, between 5.30 pm to 7 pm.

The CCO organizes training programmes for Cells and Associations to acquire the necessary knowledge and leadership skills. We also organize Parish Association Council meetings for the Heads and Assistant heads. These meetings are held four times a year. Besides this the CCO Team meets with its Director, twice a month to review and implement our work.

CCO Office Timings:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday (10 am to 12 Noon)
Tuesday, Thursday (6 pm to 8 pm)
Saturday and Sunday - Closed
Email id : cco_shpand@yahoo.in

Homeopathy Clinic
Day : All Saturdays
Time : 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm

Dental Clinic
Day : Monday to Saturday
Time : 9.00 am to 12.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Message : Lets work together in reaching out to the poorest of the poor so that no one is left in need.

PAC Parish Associations and Cells
2017 - 2018
1 Parish Priests Fr. Innocent Fernandes SVD Parish Priest
2 Fr. Valerian Fernandes SVD Co-Pastor
3 Fr. Praveen Aranha SVD Co-Pastor
4 Fr. Sunil Soreng SVD Co-Pastor
Sr.# Cells/Associations Head Asst. Head Spiritual Director
1 Parish Pastoral Council Andrew D'Souza Anella Quadros Fr. Innocent Fernandes SVD
2 CCO Ida Quinny Antonette D'Sa Fr. Innocent Fernandes SVD
3 SCC Candida Mendoza Roslin Ambrose Fr. Innocent Fernandes SVD
4 Finance Committee Ryan D'Souza Fr. Innocent Fernandes SVD
5 Community Welfare Fund Edward Fernandes Rose Almeida Fr. Innocent Fernandes SVD
6 St Vincent de Paul Rose Almeida Cynthia Pinto Fr. Valerian Fernandes SVD
7 Sunday School Pastoral Team Francisca Sadanha Gertrude Rodrigues Fr. Sunil (std I to X) / Fr. Valerian (Confirmation)
8 Parish Youth Animation Team Rosita Dias Andrew D'souza Fr. Praveen / Fr. Sunil
9 Charismatic Renewal (Eng.) Derick Fernandes Veronica Fernandes Fr. Valerian Fernandes SVD
10 Charismatic Renewal (Konkani) Cecilia Nazareth Angeline Fernandes Fr. Valerian Fernandes SVD
11 Couples for Christ (English) Lloyd & Zelda Fernandes Joseph Chettiar Fr. Praveen Aranha SVD
12 Couples for Christ (Konkani) Peter Rodrigues Emelia D'Souza Fr. Praveen Aranha SVD
13 Eucharistic Ministers Juliana D'souza Jacintha Menezes Fr. Valerian Fernandes SVD
14 Usher's Group Anella Quadros Flora D'souza Fr. Praveen Aranha SVD
15 Liturgy Team Susan Noronha Annupama Subodhan Fr. Valerian Fernandes SVD
16 Lectors Cell Terence Fernandes Hazel Mendonza Fr. Praveen Aranha SVD
17 Legion of Mary (Sr) Peter D'souza Freddy Rodrigues Fr. Sunil Soreng SVD
18 Legion of Mary (Jr) Alex Mathew Allan Fernandes Fr. Sunil Soreng SVD
19 Parish Bulletin Sarita Almeida Antonette D'Sa Fr. Sunil / Clergy Team
20 Pre-Baptism Team Agnelo Fernandes Sandra Fernandes Fr. Innocent Fernandes SVD
21 Women's Cell to be elected to be elected Fr. Praveen Aranha SVD
22 Health Cell Dr. John Rodrigues Dr. Roshni Crasta Fr. Sunil Soreng SVD
23 Bombay Catholic Sabha Bryan Dias Osmond Pereira Fr. Praveen Aranha SVD
24 Inter-Religious Dialogue Cell Michael D'Souza Ponamma Antony Fr. Praveen Aranha SVD
25 Senior Citizen Anita D'Sa Adrian Andrade Fr. Valerian Fernandes SVD
26 Divine Mercy Jane Lobo Rosy Pereira Fr. Sunil Soreng SVD
27 Bible Cell Josephine Fernandes Jesse Monteiro Fr. Sunil Soreng SVD
28 Parish Youth Council Pearl Raphael Nicholas D'souza Fr. Praveen / Fr. Sunil
29 Altar Servers Nandita Fernandes Tressy Peris Fr. Sunil Soreng SVD
30 Hope & Life Movement Philomena D'costa Bridget Noronha Fr. Valerian Fernandes SVD
31 Parish Cultural Committee Rohit Almeida Fr. Praveen Aranha SVD
32 St Paul's Guild Babu Durairaj Steven Linj Fr. Sunil Soreng SVD
33 Parish Website Rosita Dias Rohit D'Almeida Fr. Sunil Soreng SVD
34 Family Cell Joseph Mendonca Lucy Rocha Fr. Valerian Fernandes SVD
35 Parish Choirs
English Conrad D'Sa Fr. Praveen Aranha SVD
Cassian Pereira
Osmond Pereira
Marian Fernandes/ Jayesh George
Konkani Rosy Monis
Hindi Vinod Waghmare / Barthol Palande
Chidren Sylvester D'silva / Jacintha D'mello
PYC Parish Youth Council
2018 - 2020
Executive Committee Members
Designation Name Community Name
Vice-president Pearl Raphael 34. Mystical Rose
Secretary Nicholas D'souza 25. Pavan Atma
Treasurer Maya Sodder 9. Divine Mercy
PYC Members
Community No. PYC Members Community Name
1 Jason D'Mello Immaculate Conception
Reema Lobo
2 Brendon Castelino Our Lady of Fatima
3 Aldrich Fernandes Holy Cross
Micheal Durairaj
4 Swethlana Patole Divya Jyoti
Teresa Gonsalves
5 Natasha Rodrigues St. Anthony's
Jewella Rodrigues
6 Ashley Rodrigues Morning Star
Primal Lobo
7 Alan Nazareth Good Shepherd
Kevin Thomas
8 Vitus Dias Infant Jesus
Jacinta Pereira
9 Maya Sodder Divine Mercy
Kanishka Dsouza
10 Jordan Pereira St. Theresa of Child Jesus
11 to be elected Jeevan Jyoti
12 Rhys Pereira Apostles of Christ
Rachel Noronha
13 To be elected Holy Family
14 Adit Dominic Helpers of Jesus
Delaina Fernandes
15 Sarah Fernandes Akashdeep
16 Donna D'Costa Our Lady of Nazareth
Alvin Mascarenhas
17 Andrea Quinny St. Dominic Savio
Jessie Pattem
18 Kaylynn Rodrigues Good Samaritan
19 Lavina D'Silva Christ the King
Eliza Fernandez
20 Valencia D' Silva Daya Sagar
PM Joy Allan
21 Joshua Fernandes St Paul's
Mackinley Rodrigues
22 Joshua Dsouza Prem Sagar
Stella Nikalje
23 Valentina Christine Marshall Shantidaan
Lionel Mascarenhas
24 Yohan Mahanti Emmanuel
Kenneth D'Souza
25 Nicholas D'Souza Pavan Atma
Alston Furtado
26 Reni Xavier St. Ann's
27 Leon Travasso Holy Trinity
28 Felicia Fernandes St. Joseph the worker
Sheldon Coutinho
29 to be elected Our Lady of Rosary
30 Briget Fernandes Shalom
Nigel D'Souza
31 Roshni Crasta Hosanna
Joel Fernandes
32 Alston Quadros Sacred Heart
Doyle Mendonca
33 Chrisann D'Souza Yahweh's Clan
Ananya Marie D'Souza
34 Pearl Raphael Mystical Rose
Swaye Baretto


Altar servers are familiar and also very dear to us. Their service is unique and special during the Eucharistic as well as other liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations and it adds to the solemnity of holy occasions. It is good to have an Altar Servers' group in every parish so that their service is made available for the Liturgy and Worship.

The Altar Servers' Association is a fertile ground where vocations blossom. Most of those who are priests today were Altar Servers once. If asked, the majority of them would say, "I am a priest today because I served at the Altar as a boy".

The Altar Servers, by joining the association, receive guidance and inspiration for their spiritual as well as student life. Therefore it is good for all to encourage our children to join the Altar Servers' group and help them to come closer to our Eucharistic Lord.

The first Altar Servers Association was formed and founded by Rev. Fr. Vincent Basil, a priest belonging to the Society of Jesus. St. John Berchmans was proclaimed patron saint of Altar Servers by Pope Pius IX, who also gave official approval to this Association. Formerly, only men and boys could serve at the altar but from 1983 the church has allowed local ordinaries to permit girls and women to do so.Teaching children to serve at the Altar with love and devotion and sowing in them the seeds of vocation is its purpose.


It is always nice to see the enthusiasm and interest of the Altar Servers of Sacred Heart Church. Altar Servers association was founded from the beginning of our church building. Over the years, the number of Altar Servers has increased, thus showing the interests of the children as well as their parents. Their service during the feast days and solemnity is great. Every Saturday they gather in the community center mini hall at 5.00 pm, to pray together, to have group activities, to watch religious movie, to shuffle the serving, to get to know the instructions, to get to know Bible as well as to know about their faith.

The Community Welfare Fund (CWF) was established in the year 2004, as the Benevolent Fund, with the purpose of reaching out in charity to poor parishioners for their medical, educational and housing needs. Though the SVP was already rendering service to the poor and needy, the objective of the CWF was to cater, on a larger scale, to the needs of only the registered families of our parish.

Though initially generated through donations, the funds are now provided out of the 1% contributions made to the Sacred Heart Parish Community Fund. Additionally, a certain sum of money, generated during the Parish's Silver Jubilee celebrations in November 2012, has also been added to the Fund, and is being disbursed as educational assistance. Thanks to the partial reimbursement provided by the Archdiocesan Corpus Fund in cases where large costs have been incurred on hospitalization, we have been able to increase the aid disbursed in such cases since 2014.

The disbursement of financial aid to poor and needy families is done by a committee of four members, which includes one member from the CCO, who meet on every Friday at 7.45pm in Room No. 1 of the Community Centre.

The procedure followed is:

  • The needy parishioners approach the CCO with their "Family Card", during office hours, and put in their applications for the required help. These applications are forwarded to the CWF for action.

  • The CWF Committee meets the applicants and processes their applications once a week. A photocopy of the family card and all original bills / receipts are required to be submitted to the Committee. Based on the PPC members' verification reports and its own findings, the Committee then givesits recommendations.

  • The forms are reviewed by the Trustee of the Fund and the sanctioned help is then made available to the applicants.

Since the inception of the Benevolent Fund / CWF, around 1,400 applications have been processed by the Committee.

Parishioners are welcome to donate directly to the Community Welfare Fund, over and above their regular 1% contributions to the Sacred Heart Parish Community Fund. This will be of great help in meeting the ever-increasing medical and educational needs of our needy parishioners.

The Bible Cell was established in the year 1997. Presently there are 12 Ministers of the Word in the Cell.

The Objective of this Cell is To Know, Accept and Believe the Word of God (John 1: 9-12)

Our parish Bible Cell is affiliated to Ministry of the Word, Commissioned by the Bishop of Archdiocese of Bombay. We meet every Tuesday after the evening Mass in the Mini Hall on the first floor of our Community Centre.

The role and the importance of the Word of God for the Christian Community can be summarized in the words and the message of the Synod of Bishops held in Rome for the Synod on the Word of God. The Synod Fathers felt that the Bible is Constitutive of the Christian Community (along with the Sacraments) for the following reasons:  

  • The Church is Born and Lives by the Word of God
  • The Word of God Sustains the Church throughout Her History.
  • Through the Power of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God Permeates and Animates every aspect of the Church's Life
  • The Church is Nourished on the Word in various ways
Our Activities include :
  • Conducting regular weekly Bible classes for the parishioners (Tuesday at 7.45 pm)
  • Conducting Vacation Bible Joy program for children of our Parish from Std I - 10.
  • Animating the Eucharistic adoration
In the near future the Bible Cell has plans to hold the following activities :
  • Celebrate the whole week leading to Bible Sunday (Feb)
  • Encourage having at least one Bible per family through Free/Subsidized Bible Program
  • Organize Intra Parish Quiz Event
  • Hold Recollections and Fellowship for the members of the Cell
  • Hold Bible related Exhibition in the Church
  • Conduct Bible sharing at Recollection / Programs of other Association or homes (family) within SCC
  • Communities for an apt occasion. eg.candle prayer, statue circulation.
  • Explain mysteries of Rosary/Station of Cross from Biblical angle at community gatherings
  • Publish articles, Bible Quiz, Testimonies, etc. in parish Bulletin/notice board
  • Have special (Biblical) talks for specific group/parishioners for eg. Apologetics - people leaving church, Sex & Abortion - youth, Eucharist - Word made flesh, etc.
  • Spread the mission statement "Bible - key to every problem"
  • Screen Bible related movies for children / everyone on holidays or Sunday or once a month
  • Teach children methods of Bible sharing
  • Reach out to Konkani speaking people through CDs of New Testament.

The Bombay Catholic Sabha (Sacred Heart Unit) is affiliated to 'All Indian Catholic Union' (AICU) and subjected to the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Bombay and the Sacred Heart Church, Andheri East, Mumbai - 400 093

Our Activities are geared to :

  • Enable and promote social, cultural and economic development of Christians as well as people of other faith
  • Oppose any project or Bill of any political party that would go against the fundamental rights of the citizens
  • Actively participate and support Elections "Vote Mumbai"
  • Support victims of natural or man made calamities in order to tide over their difficulties
  • Regular celebration of Independence and Republic Day of our country
  • Hold Award function for the students of academic excellence
  • Ameliorate with diligence psycho-social problems arising from unemployment, and failure to cope up with the challenges of life

Jesus the Real Vine Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group was founded in 1988 based on the Scripture verse John 15:5 “I am the Vine, and you are the branches. Those who remain in Me and I in them, will bear much fruit, for you can do nothing without Me”

Jesus the Real Vine prayer group, is the official prayer group of Sacred Heart Church, Andheri East. This group functions under the directives of the Bombay Service Team - Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

Initially, the prayer meetings were held in Holy Spirit Hospital. The prayer group grew in numbers and the venue was moved to the Canossa Convent, Undercroft in the year 1998. We are ever grateful to the support rendered to us by the Holy Spirit Hospital Management and Sisters of Canossa Convent.

Currently the prayer group consists of 900-1000 members who meet every Wednesday at 06.00 pm. The meetings begin with counseling at 04.00 pm, Rosary at 05.30 pm, followed by Praise and Worship, preaching of the Word of God and the healing service from 06.00 pm onwards.

The strong Intercessory Ministry conducted from Monday to Friday is the backbone of the prayer group. The prayer group is known for its youthful evangelical music ministry and an active service ministry.

The ministry conducts Inner Healing and Growth Retreats, Recollections, Life in the Spirit Seminars, Lenten and Advent Missions etc. in various parishes of Mumbai, India and the world over. The ministry specially conducts retreats for Confirmation candidates and Recollections for youth and school children.

Our Vision : To make all men, disciples for Christ.
Our Mission : To reach out and touch the lives of young people and give them a sure foundation based on the teachings of Christ.

Do visit our website : www.jesustherealvine.org

…be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,
singing and making music to the Lord in your hearts,
giving thanks always and for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God the Father. 
(Eph 5 : 18-20)

The Konkani Prayer Group of Sacred Heart Parish was established on the 4th March, 1997 with the objective to spread the love of God through communion in prayer and fellowship.

The Group is affiliated to the Konkani Service Council, Mumbai of the National Service Team (Catholic Charismatic Renewal – India)

The group comprises of almost 50 regular members who meet every Thursday at 7.30 pm (in the Church) for fellowship, praise and worship and breaking the word of God.  The core team of 4 members meets every Tuesday at 7.30 pm.

Besides Regular weekly prayer meeting, the group is involved in interceding for the local petitions as well as for the larger needs of mankind. The Intercessory Team meets every Wednesday at 10.00 am. Members also visit and comfort the sick and bereaved offering their prayerful support.

The group also encourages Konkani speaking brethren to renew their lives by participating in Konkani retreats, rallies, conventions, outreaches and seminars conducted by the Konkani Service Council

We urge Konkani speaking parishioners to join this group and be blessed and also be a blessing for others.

What is Couples for Christ?

CFC is a Christian family life renewal ministry.

  1. It started in June 1981 in Manila, Philippines, with 16 couples. It is highly evangelistic and growing rapidly. As per records of 2004, there are already over 20 Lakhs members in 113 Countries throughout the world and it continues to grow.
  2. Further, CFC has ministries for family members other than couples. Since 1993, CFC has established Kids for Christ (KFC), Youth for Christ (YFC), Singles for Christ (SFC), Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD) and Servants of the Lord (SOLD). CFC now has a "womb-to-tomb" ministry.
  3. All members of CFC belong to cell groups which we call "households". At the end of this CLS, You will be assigned to a household.

The purpose of a household group is to have a smaller and more intimate environment for personal support in the Christian life, and to provide a means for encouraging and hastening growth as a Christian.

  1. The purpose of a household group is to have a smaller and more intimate environment for personal support in the Christian life, and to provide a means for encouraging and hastening growth as a Christian.

    • Here you can share life experiences and God's practical wisdom.
    • You can be helped to overcome obstacles in the Christian life.
    • You will develop real friendships and true brotherhood/sisterhood, without which our Christian life would lack joyful expression.

  2. A household is composed of from 4 to 7 couples and is headed by a leader couple, and is set up immediately after the CLS.

  3. The household meets once a week, on the same day of the week as mutually agreed on by its members.

    • Less than once a week would not provide enough contact to have adequate support and encouragement in the Christian life.
    • More than once a week may become a burden and may take time that is more properly allocated to work, family, personal needs or Christian service. In the household there teachings in the form of 4 special talk series called COP (community orientation program) for the new couples. Here we take an Intent letter i.e. if the couples are ready to continue in CFC.
    • After the COP talks there are 6 DOP talks (Discipleship Orientation Program). After the completion of DOP. The new couples are given Commitment in CFC.

  4. The household meetings are held in the homes of the group members, on rotation basis from week to week. Holding the household meetings in our homes has the following values:

    • Worshiping the Lord in our home makes the truth that the home is a Domestic Church a concrete reality. And God's blessings will surely descend upon the home where God's people can be found, worshipping Him together and growing in faith together.
    • The people living with us our children, perhaps our parents, household help, the people who are closest to us will be aware of what we are involved in and what we do every week. To them we will become people who are living their Christian faith openly and powerfully.
    • What we do in our home may be used by the Lord as an effective tool for evangelization, especially to our relatives, neighbors and friends.

  5. There are basically three ingredients in a typical household meeting: an extended period of prayer and worship, a time for sharing or discussion, and some time for fellowship.

The Divine Mercy Apostolate in our Parish was started on 9th September, 2005 to promote devotion to the Divine Mercy. We have 19 members who meet once a month in the Community Centre on the 3rd or 4th Monday of the month. The group is affiliated to the Andheri Deanery, working in co-ordination with the Divine Mercy Archdiocesan Committee, Mumbai headed by His Lordship Bishop Bosco Penha.

ACTIVITIES - We conduct intercession through the Divine Mercy Chaplet every 4th Friday of the month in our parish. A talk on the Divine Mercy based on the Diary of St. Faustina and on Holy Scripture is given followed by intercession for different intentions for each decade of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  We also conduct the 9 days novenas in preparation for the Feast of Divine Mercy. At the deanery level, recollections are conducted at various parishes. Attendance at these recollections is 800-1000 people.

The Divine Mercy devotion aims at the renewal of life in the Church in the spirit of Christian trust and mercy. The essence of the Divine Mercy devotion is found in the Christian attitude of trust in God and of an active love toward neighbor. Our Lord Jesus consigned the great mission to proclaim His message of mercy directed to the whole world to Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, known today the world over as the “Apostle of the Divine Mercy”.  She was a simple, uneducated, but courageous woman religious, who trusted Him without limit. Jesus told her, “Today, I am sending you with My mercy to the people of the whole world. I do not want to punish aching mankind, but I desire to heal it, pressing it to My merciful Heart”(Diary 1588).  St. Faustina’s Diary, which Jesus Christ ordered her to keep during the last four years of her life, is a kind of journal in which the author recorded current or retrospective events related primarily to the “encounters” of her soul with God.  A rigorous, scholarly analysis of her notebooks was necessary to extract from them everything which is considered essential to her mission. All the essentials and elements of the message and devotion of the Divine Mercy are contained in this Diary.

The Essentials of Divine Mercy = The ABC’s of Mercy-
Ask for His Mercy – “…Beg for mercy for the whole world” (Diary 570) ”…No soul that has called upon My mercy has ever been disappointed” (Diary 1541).
Be Merciful to others– “I demand from you deeds of Mercy, which are to arise out of love for Me. You are to show mercy to your neighbors always and everywhere…” (Diary 742). “….Even the strongest faith is of no avail without works” (Diary 742).
Completely Trust in Jesus– “…The graces of My mercy are drawn by means of one vessel only, and that is trust. The more a soul trusts, the more it will receive” (Diary 1578)

The Elements of the Devotion to the Divine Mercy– There are five elements of the devotion to The Divine Mercy – The Image of the Merciful Jesus, The Feast of The Divine Mercy and Novenas, The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy, The Hour of Mercy – 3 p.m. and Spreading the honor of The Divine Mercy through acts of mercy.

Our parish has 27 Eucharistic Ministers from different communities (Zones). The spiritual director guides us in attending to the sick and home-bound. The Priests enrich the Eucharistic Ministers spiritually from time to time so that they can be good examples by their way of life.

The Eucharistic Ministers reach out to the home-bound who cannot participate in the Mass and join us in the celebration on Sundays. They read to them the Gospel of the day and explain it before administering to them the Holy Communion. Besides this, the Eucharistic Ministers also assist in distribution of Holy Communion, during Mass.

They meet every month on first Fridays to share their personal experiences from their visits and to get guidance from their spiritual directors. They review the list of home bound people to ensure all are attended to. To meet their spiritual needs, they have recollections twice a year. They renew their commitment once a year during the celebration of the Eucharist on the feast of Corpus Christi. They see to it that the home-bound are visited periodically by the priests of the parish for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Anointing of the sick when needed. It is indeed a privilege to be a Eucharistic Minister.

Health Cell of Sacred Heart Parish was established in 2002 with the 'Health Week' celebrations from 4th to 11th February. Since then, this Cell has organized many Medical Camps (Oncology, Gynae, Eye, Dental, ENT etc.), Diagnostic Camps, Blood Donation Camps, Bone Density Camps, Mammography Camps, Health Education Programmes, Vaccination Programmes, etc.

Every year on the feast of Our Lady of Health, a special Mass is held for all the sick and health workers followed by anointing.

The Health cell has also organized Acupressure Camps followed by training programmes for Acupressure Therapists. About 70 participants, including a few religious, underwent this training. Some of the therapists joined hands with Sarva Seva Sangh and started an Acupressure Clinic at Gyan Ashram, which is operative twice a week, namely Thursday and Sunday between 5 pm to 7 pm.

Our ongoing programmes since 2002 are:

1.    Fasting blood sugar checkups from 7 am to 8 am on 3rd Sundays of every month.
2.    Post Prandial blood sugar checkups, Blood Pressure and weight checkups
       from 10 am to 11 am on 4th Sundays of every month, followed by our monthly meeting.
3.    Yoga classes from 5.45 pm to 6.45 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays every week.

At present we have 8 active members.


To share the love of Christ and builda witnessing community with people of all religions and communities.


Our Mission of Dialogue is:

To establish good relations with people of all religions through:

  1. Visiting people of other religions in our neighbourhood during their festivals; rendering helping hand during good and bad times.

  2. Collaborating with other religious people to engage in social activities.

  3. Organizing common functions to celebrate certain religious and national festivals.

  4. Organizing common celebrations to bring peace and harmony at the neighbourhood.

  5. Organize common Inter-Religious Meetings to understand each other religions.

  6. Common activities to promote peace and harmony in our neighbourhood.

At the meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council held in October'13, it was decided to have goals/targets for our Parish for a three year term (2013-2016).

The goals/targets suggested were based on a letter received, from the Archdiocese.

Hence, the following goals were decided for forthcoming three years:

  • Year 2014 : Family
  • Year 2015 : Civic and Political Issues
  • Year 2016 : Formation of Children's Groups

The modus operandi would be to have a special Committee every year who would take the Parish forward on the designated goals of the year.

Accordingly for the year 2014, the Year of Family Committee (YOF Committee) has been formed.

The present committee comprises of 4 married couples, 6 PPC members, the CCO Co-ordinator and the Spiritual Directors. Presently, from among these committee members, 4 Couples and a PPC member are undergoing training at the Training for Family Enrichment (TFE) Course conducted by the Archdiocese at Goregaon Seminary. These members will then go on to form the Family Cell at the end of the Year. The Family cell will be commissioned on December 28, 2014.


Christian Families transformed and empowered for Christ's Mission.


  1. Meeting the spiritual, emotional and material needs of families.
  2. Reaching out to families in times of needs, crisis and difficulties.
  3. Organising talks, seminars and training programs with themes connected to families.
  4. Strengthening the family bonds.
  5. Evolving a spirituality of the family that is relevant to times.
  6. Making the family a vibrant domestic Church.


The YOF Committee directs its energies towards:
  1. Building the family into a domestic Church, where parents are the first catechists and source of missionary zeal and postulate
  2. Providing a spirituality of the Family; Family catechesis especially the centrality of spousal love and parental love in the Divine Plan particularly imparting Sunday Catechism for the parents of First Holy Communicants so that right in the early age of the children, parents are equipped to bring them up in Christian spirituality
  3. Making Christ the centre of each home so that His values permeate family life which is reflected in daily family prayer, Scripture reading and reflection; remembering that 'the family that prays together stays together'
  4. Preparing animator couples who can take on leadership roles in the Parish Family Apostolate, and act as counsellors and healers in traumatic family situations
  5. Making families aware of their role to become leaven in society and be agents of change against social evils like caste, superstitions, etc.
  6. Becoming pro-life and promoting openness to life as a gift from God
  7. Counselling and supporting families in crisis; like those in inter-caste marriages, separated, divorced, young widows and widowers, migrant families, single parent families, etc.
  8. Organising Family Life Education programmes, Workshops on family catechesis, family management, sex education for youth -school/college students
  9. Having a 'watchdog'/observer body keeping a track of the various government policies/schemes that would benefit or harm families and take relevant actions accordingly
  10. Including in the service of the Family Cell for the vulnerable sections of the community such as Senior Citizens, children and women
  11. Networking with the SCCs and Parish Cells/ Associations.
  12. Encouraging the families to witness their faith boldly, in public.

The Second World War left many young women widowed all over Europe. In France, a small group of widows often met together in prayer. In 1943, thirty of those young widows made a retreat at Lourdes, and some of them pressed their desire to commit themselves to God and formed 'The Fraternity of Our Lady of the Resurrection.' In September 1957, during the 'International Congress of Family Organisation' in Rome, Pope Pius XII spoke on the Spirituality of Womenhood. The fraternity which had now taken root, came to be known as 'The Hope and Life Movement' and spread to Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Africa.

A young woman, Antoinette D'souza from Santacruz, introduced the movement in Mumbai. In April 1985, Bishop Bosco Penha, had the first Recollection at St. Pius Xth Seminary in Goregoan with just 20 widows present. Within a span of five years, the number grew to 200 and Bishop Bosco suggested that every Parish should form such a group.

In 2005 the Movement completed 20 years in the Archdiocese of Mumbai and 50 parishes joined in celebrating the Widows Day event in February at St. Stanislaus Grounds Bandra. Bishop Bosco Penha was the main celebrant at the Eucharist. It was followed by a cultural programme which was enjoyed by about 2000 widows.

Our parish joined this movement in July 2001, with just a few members and over the years, we now have about 49 members. Our meetings are on the first Thursday of the month at 5.30 pm. We begin with a prayer, hymns, Gospel sharing or recital of the Rosary and inspiring talks by our Spiritual Director. We also have a sister from Fatima convent who helps us in our Spiritual life. The love offering which is collected during our meetings is used to help need widows meet their medical bills and we also get benefactors to help us out.

Our activities involve visiting the sick and lonely widows befriending them, paying condolences visits to the widows and joining in retreats, Recollections, Pilgrimages, Picnics etc. with the Andheri Deanery Parishes and also with the Movement.


  • To help widows gain emotional stability
  • To encourage widows to be prayerful, joyful and helpful
  • To accept God’s will that widowhood is a vocation and to move on with faith and trust.

Our Blessed Mother Mary is a model for us widows. She lived a life of service and dedication. We want to imitate her commitment of love, concern for others and her faith. When a woman loses her husband, she is overwhelmed and sad, the movement brings her hope, life and vitality and inserts her more fully in the Church. It helps her realize that God alone is her security, joy and happiness, as Bishop Bosco told us that since God has taken our Spouse we must think of Jesus as our spouse and turn to Him in our difficult times.

Jesus Christ had a deep love for widows. In the Bible, He showed compassion to the widow of Nain, who had lost her son. He narrated the parable of the persistent widow, He appreciated the contribution of the widow's mite. If we widows join together, we can make it the widow's might. There are also a lot of reference of the widows In the Bible and how they are to be treated and about widows who placed their trust in God who never fails. Eg. Anna the prophetess, Naomi and Ruth, the widow of Zarepath and Judith.

In our parish, many of the widows (shy away) shun our meetings for reasons best known to them. We urge them to join us, let us put our forces together and see how God will work wonders in our spiritual growth and the support and courage it will give us to carry on life. Let us be like candles and burn for others, so that we diminish and others grow. Ask not for what the movement can do for you but what you can do for it let our love and fellowship grow and our moral support will reach out to benefit others.

The Legion of Mary was founded in Dublin, Ireland on 7th September 1921. It is the largest apostolic organisation of lay people in the Catholic Church, with about 3 million active members giving service to the Church on a voluntary basis in almost every country of the world.

The objective of the Legion of Mary is the glory of God through the holiness of its members, developed by prayer and active co-operation in Mary's and the Church's work.

The unit of the Legion of Mary is called a praesidium, which holds a weekly meeting, where prayer is intermingled with reports and discussion. Persons who wish to join the Legion must apply for membership in a Praesidium.

Activities of the Legion:
The Legion sees as its priority, the spiritual and social welfare of each individual. The members participate in the life of the parish through visitation of families, especially the sick, both in their homes and in hospitals and through collaboration in every apostolic and missionary undertaking sponsored by the parish.

Every Legionary is required to carry out a weekly apostolic work in the spirit of faith and in union with Mary. "For all states of the laity, the perfect example of spiritual and apostolic life is the most Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Apostles, who while leading the life common to all here on earth, one filled with family concerns and labours, was always intimately united with her Son and in an entirely unique way co-operated in the work of the Saviour . . . All should devoutly venerate her and commend their life and apostolate to her maternal care".

Auxiliary Membership
This membership is open to Priests, Religious and lay people who wish to associate themselves with the Legion by undertaking a service of prayer in its name.

Legion of Mary in Sacred Heart Parish

Seniors (18 and above)
The Seniors group was formed on October 5, 1988. Our meetings are held every Saturday at 8 pm. We have 12 members and our activities include door-to-door evangelization, parishioner's visitation, visitation of the sick and aged, Pilgrim Virgin statue rotations and meeting the other spiritual needs of the parish community.

Juniors (17 and below)
In our parish, the Junior Legion of Mary was formed on September 8, 1991. Our meetings are held, every Sunday at 4 pm. Currently, there are 12 members and our activities include visiting of the Cheshire Home, Home for Aged and Hospital, Snehasadan, Home Visitations and Distribution of Catholic literature.

With the strength of the parish and its talents increasing, the need was felt to have a separate committee to take care of the cultural and entertainment programmes of the parish. The Parish Cultural Committee (PCC) was formed in January 2011.

Purpose of the Association

  1. To organize cultural programs in the Parish.

  2. To plan and execute the approved programs.

  3. Could be approached by any association, community, individual and others to organize an event proposed by them after due consultation and approval.

Functions of the Association

  1. An Annual Planner of programs / events to be held, to be prepared. The annual plan for the association would be for the calendar year, i.e.January to December.

  2. Select and plan the programs in consultation with the Parish Priest. The entire details of the program should be sent to the Parish priest for approval that would include, type of event, the date, the objective of the event, the estimated budget, and so on. A format for the same could be prepared.

  3. Follow the guidelines laid by the Parish Pastoral Team.

  4. Organize some fund raising programs as well (if, it is for the cause of the Parish). The office bearer in charge of accounts to take care of the accounting details in consultation with the Pastoral team.

  5. Parish Day function, Carol Festival (in association with SCCs) would be organized by the Cultural Association which would be in November and December.

  6. Apart from the above, at least 2 major events to be held during the first part of the year.

  7. Some of the programs that are proposed:- Musical Nites, Band, Concerts, Talent Shows, Parents Day, Events that correspond with the Parish Theme of the Year, Cultural Dances (different states) for Independence Day, Exhibition during Mission Sundays and so on

The Parish Liturgy Team - PLT,was initiated in the year 2002.

The team meets on the last Wednesday of every month.
For the planning of Lent, Holy Week, Advent, Christmas, New Year, Parish Annual Day, Feast of Christ the King etc., the team meets more often and more frequently. 

Role of Parish Liturgy Team:

The responsibilities of the Parish Liturgy Team can be grouped into three areas:

  1. Preparation of the Liturgy

    • Identifying the theme based on the Liturgical Celebrations, Solemnities Feasts and Special Occasions.
    • Providing guidelines to the parish community and preparing them towards the Celebration
    • Preparing the Lectors to understand and proclaim the Word of God.

  2. Central Co-ordination of all the relevant Ministries

    • Linking in with the main celebrant, choir, sacristan, lectors, logistics like sound, florists, altar decorations, backdrops, etc.

  3. Creating the Annual Schedule

    • For Holy - Hour, other schedules and rundowns - giving detailed instructions of rites and prayers to assist the team in effectively celebrating services without any hitches.

  4. Evaluation & Training

    • Along with the pastoral team, the PLT reviews the main celebrations.
    • Feedback from the parishioners, PPC, PAC is openly discussed and deliberated upon.

In recent times, the Church is offering parents preparing their / your children for baptism an opportunity to renew their / your own faith as they / you make a gift of it to the / your children in Baptism.

The significant characteristic of this programme is the varied experiences by different team members during the sessions.


- Group Sharing

- Team members sharing their personal experiences

- Prayer (rite) exercise at the end of each session

Courses are held 4 times a year on 5 consecutive Sundays at 10:00 am in Room # 4 of the Community Centre

Duration : 1 1/2 to 2 hours

Be faithful in your Baptism.... be open to Christ, welcome the Spirit, so that a new Pentecost may take place in every community.... Ideologies are unable to defeat that evil which keeps people enslaved. Christ is the only one who can free us from this evil... It makes the task of Church facing more urgent : to re-kindle the hearts of all the baptised the grace they received. (Pope John Paul II in L'Osservatore Romano October 21, 1992)

Attend the course in the fourth / fifth month before the arrival of the / your baby.


After the Synod of 2001, the youth has been taken as one of the three main priorities in the Archdiocese of Bombay. In order to reach out to as many Youth as possible, a new methodology was thought of called as Neighbourhood Youth Group (NYG).

"Empowered by Jesus' Youthful dynamism, towards a ministry of forming Youth fully alive"

"We animate our Neighbourhood Youth Group Ministry through Fellowship, Formation and Service, so that our Youth may experience abundance of life through personal and spiritual growth"

In our Parish, we started forming the NYGs in the various Communities of our Parish from Oct 2010 onwards. It took a year to form the NYGs.

As required in the methodology, a Parish Youth Animation Team (PYAT) was formed at the Parish level to handle the Youth Ministry. The PYAT consists of people who have a charism for dealing with Youth.

On October 2, 2011, the PYAT of our Parish was formally commissioned by His Lordship, Bishop Bosco Penha the Bishop in charge of Youth Ministry in the Archdiocese of Bombay.

The aim of PYAT (NYG) is to help our Church to reach out to all the Youth in our Parish to enable them to experience the love and concern that Jesus has for them.

The Senior Citizens' Cell of the Sacred Heart Church started functioning from the 19th of September, 1994. Initially, it had a small group of men and women, who came together to discuss and plan some activities for the benefit of the senior citizens of the Parish. They used to meet regularly, on the first Tuesday of every month.

The activities they conducted were geared to the spiritual, physical and social welfare of all the senior citizens of the Parish, such as facilitating the application for Senior Citizen I.D. cards, and organizing get-together events at Easter, Christmas and other liturgical feasts. Today, the Cell Core Group meets on the second Monday of every month, with about 10 to 12 members regularly attending the monthly meetings. The Core Group has a coordinator, a secretary and a treasurer as honorary office bearers. The Spiritual Director of the Cell guides the proceedings of the monthly meetings and also arrange for special recollection days or talks, or special Eucharistic celebrations on various occasions.

The monthly meetings of the Core Group begin with a prayer, scripture reading and reflection. After conducting the business on the agenda, each meeting ends with a prayer to the Holy Spirit.

The Core Group members organize pilgrimages to various churches in Mumbai and plan the annual Christmas get-together for all the senior citizens of the Parish. They occasionally visit senior citizens, who, owing to their advanced ages and physical disabilities, are house-bound. The inmates of The Home for the Aged have also been visited by some of our members.

"Mutually helping one another to age gracefully in the evening of our lives" is the motto of the Senior Citizens' Cell of the Sacred Heart Church.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) is an international lay organization founded by Blessed Frederic Ozanam in the year 1833 in Italy. The Society has now spread out in more than 112 countries having its headquarters in Paris.

Our Parish unit was formed in 1986 under the name "Conference of Holy Spirit" and already completed 25 years of service. At present it has 18 active, 7 retired and 8 auxiliary members serving 70 families. The active members meet every Monday at 7.30 pm. The unit is registered with the Charity Commissioner of Mumbai as a Public Charitable Trust.

The objective of SVP is to render help to the poorest of the poor and the needy, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, etc. Our parish unit currently caters to the needs of over 50 families every month for their household expenses, ration, medicines and education of children.

The major part of the expenses is met through the allocation from the community fund and the balance requirement is generated from members' own contributions, donations from the parishioners.

The SVP runs an AIDS HOSPICE called 'Niramay Niketan' at Trombay and a HOME FOR THE AGED called 'Shanti Bhavan' in Kalyan. Our members periodically visit these homes and also provide financial aid from the contributions of the parishioners.

Parishioners who have or know of people suffering with AIDS can contact the parish SVP.

An appeal to all good willed people is to join hands with SVP in this Service for Victory over Poverty and alleviate the misery of the poor suffering. It is said that "Whatever good you wish to do, do it now, for you may not pass this way once again".

St. Paul's Guild was formed in 2002 at Sacred Heart Church with three members. The main objective of St. Paul's Guild is to take care of the newly baptized members of our Church by building up fellowship and solidarity and to help them to be adult Catholics.

In 2004, this Guild organized Christmas celebrations with 18 members, including their godparents. It was then the core group for the guild was formed. In 2010, 20 members and their godparents attended the annual gathering. By this time, the number of the adult baptized had risen to 78. In 2011, on Easter Sunday, the Guild organized an Easter Celebration of the adult Catholics in the Community Centre. There were about 50 members who actively participated in this get together. The members also expressed their desire to come together often.

The activities of St. Paul's Guild include: Faith Formation Input Sessions, Celebration of the Holy Eucharist and building up of fellowship, visiting the families of the adult Catholics etc.

Message to the Parishioners: Let us be true Catholic witnesses of Jesus Christ.

SunCats is the name for the Catechism classes held on Sundays and popularly known as Sunday School. The syllabus is progressive in nature and we follow the same under the aegis of the Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Archdiocese of Bombay.


We have about 700 students attending regularly.

The total number of catechists is 48

  • Primary : Laity 8
  • Secondary : Laity 16, Religious 7
  • Confirmation : Laity 11, Religious 6

The classes are held as follows :

Primary 8.45 - 9.45 am St Arnold's High School
First Holy Communion
Confirmation 10.00 - 11.30 am Mini Hall, Ist floor, Sacred Heart Community Centre

Training and Formation :

The catechists undergo several trainings, formation, recollections etc. and our parish is happy to have catechists who are qualified with the following :

  • Ten Catechists have completed the CTC, (Catechists Training Course), 1yr program, conducted at DPC, Bandra
  • One Catechist has done the Ministry of the Word, 2yr course, conducted at St Pius Seminary, Goregaon
  • Two have done the IMFE, Institute for Ministry of Faith Enrichment, 1yr course conducted at DPC, Bandra
  • Two have done Basics in Liturgy, 6 month course conducted by the Archdiocesan Liturgy team

Faith in Action

The students are encouraged to engage with activities beyond the classroom. We have regular programs for the students such as :

  • Visiting various homes and institutions
  • Participate in the various programmes organized at the Deanery level.
  • Conduct Nativity Novena to Our Lady in September with a daily theme and backdrop.
  • Special talks on important topics.
  • Audio Visual sessions
  • Stations of the Cross for children during Lent
Where to Find us

The SunCats classes are held every Sunday at 8.45am in St Arnold's school. And then proceed to the church for the special Eucharist for children at 10 am. The Eucharist for children is conducted by one class every Sunday and creatively done with a theme based approach, meaningful skit etc.

The sacraments of Holy Eucharist for students of Std IV and Confirmation for Std XI onwards, are administered every year.

The Patron Saints of the Parish Ushers Association are St. Peter & St. Paul, whose feast is celebrated on the 29th of June.

Aim : PILLARS OF SACRED HEART is to help in the smooth functioning of various major events of the parish.


  1. The Association is called the Pillars of Sacred Heart.
  2. Its meetings are held bi-monthly.
  3. The executive committee of the association comprises of Spiritual Director, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint-Secretary, Treasurer and two members from the group.
  4. The term of the executive committee of the association is of three years.
  5. next head of the association shall be elected from the group itself, one with a prior service of minimum 3 years in the group.
  • Help to find seating for those who need it.
  • Distribution of hymn sheets.
  • Help to take up collections and special offerings.
  • Assist in the Holy Communion services at all Sunday masses throughout the year and other special Eucharistic Celebrations viz.: -

    • New Year
    • All Association's Day
    • Maundy Thursday
    • Good Friday
    • Holy Saturday
    • Easter
    • First Communion Mass
    • Christ the King Feast (Mass & procession)
    • Christmas
    • All weekdays, Sunday Mass and days of Obligation
Other Activities :
  • The cleaning up of the Church / Chapel & Community Center Hall, once a year.
  • Washing of the palms before Palm Sunday.
  • Washing the chairs.
  • cleaning of the church grounds

So Come Be A Part Of Pillars Of Sacred Heart And Make A Difference To All Around.

The website Team comprises of lay parishioners and the Parish clergy team. They work regularly to update and maintain the location connected to the Internet, that maintains web pages containing information of the Sacred Heart Parish, Andheri East.

Our Parish Website: www.sacredheartandheri.net, is easy to use, has useful resources, gives valuable informations about our Parish and its activities viz. Small Christian Communities, Centre for Community Organization and other Associations, Cells, Groups and Communities functioning under their umbrella. Information on Religious Institutions in our parish campus are also featured on our site.

This tool also helps divulge information to the general public, those apart from our parishioners, not forgetting those parishioners residing abroad.

Weekly Announcements are available at a click of a button. The gallery section contains the pictures of the ongoing activities. The website is linked to the Parish Facebook page which is more response based, and allows parishioners to communicate.

The team meets as often as is needed to keep this site up to date.

Every human person in the world has a right to dignified life. Power and greed has broken people into a distorted form with discrimination among class, caste, race and sex. The situation of oppression and injustice are signs of present times, calling us to take our responsibilities seriously. The voices of protest and resistance are rising, and challenging the poor, especially women, to reclaim their dignity as human persons.

The Bombay Archdiocesan Synod 2001 expressed that the dignity of women both lay and religious, be duly recognized, defended and be given its rightful place in the church in Mumbai and in society.

Keeping in mind the above, the Women's Cell of our parish was established on 8th March 2004, on International Women's Day. A programme was organized for the women of our parish at Atma Darshan, commencing with a prayer service, and fellowship thereafter. Since then the women cell began to sail. The cell has ten committed members who meet once a month with their spiritual director.

The aim and objectives of the Women cell are:

  • To enhance 'Leadership quality' in women, empowering them with appropriate skills and knowledge.
  • Empowerment and Encouragement of its members and other women to take on action programmes and be independent.

Some of the activities carried out by the Women Cell are:
  • Celebration of girl child day on 8th September.
  • International Women's Day on 8th March with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist followed by a gathering of all women and ending with fellowship meal.
  • Reaching out to poor female children by sponsoring the school fees.
  • Classes in English speaking for women only.
  • Classes for students of VII and likely to start classes for IX also soon.
  • Conduct walking pilgrimage to Our Lady of Vailankani, Irla, every year.
  • Sponsoring the treatment, physiotherapy and diabetes for women of other faiths.

VISION STATEMENT: Happy Persons, Families and Communities through Psycho-Spiritual Growth

In the Gospel Jesus says, "Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying your heavy loads, and I will give you rest" (Mt. 11:28). In a crowded cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, one may at times wonder where such an invitation can be realized. Atma-Darshan, located right in the heart of the suburbs, is an attempt to just do that.

Established in 1998, Atma-Darshan over the period of time has evolved as a well-known Centre in Andheri-Mumbai that enhances the Psychological and Spiritual wellbeing of people in order to foster the values of Love, Peace and Justice. Managed by the SVD Fathers, the Centre conducts courses, retreats and seminars for the Laity as well as Priests and Religious all round the year. There are some programs which cater to all people irrespective of their religious background. The course and retreats generally follow a pattern of being based on well accepted psychological theories of human behavior, and an integration of the spiritual quest in every person for Meaning in Life and the Connection to the Divine. Some popular courses are: Psycho-Spiritual Inner Healing Retreat; Meditation for God-Experience and Healing; Family Retreat; Couple's Enrichment Seminar, Stress Management; Emotional Intelligence; Journey through Mid-Life Retreat; Aging Gracefully; Retreat for Widows, Happiness in life Retreat, NLP, Retreats for Priests and Religious etc.

Some specific objectives of Atma-Darshan are:

  • To facilitate the building of the Christian families so that they may be true to the discipleship of Christ and thereby enrich the Church and the society as a whole.

  • To orient the youth to realize their potentials and guide them in the service of humanity.

  • To help priests and religious to achieve a deeper psycho-spiritual integration so that they may be inspiring witnesses of Christ.

  • To promote among all religions and ideologies the "Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of man" and work together for the establishment of peace, justice and love with mutual respect for one another.

  • Retreats (Psycho-Spiritual, Inner Healing, Yoga and Vipasana based etc.) life-enhancing seminars (for couples, youth, singles, widows, ageing, etc) and holistic health courses (Meditation, Stress Management, Relaxation etc) for various groups of people.

  • Collaborating with a community of lay Atma-Darshan volunteers called "Disciples of the Divine Word" to reflect over, pray for and reach-out to the poor and marginalized.

  • Individual and group counseling and spiritual direction through the year.

  • Facilities for individuals and groups to conduct their own prayer meetings and retreats.

  • Facilities for individuals and families for solitude, prayer and meditation.

Gyan Ashram Campus,
Mahakali Caves Rd.,
Andheri East,
Mumbai - 400 093
Phone: 0091-22-28363120; 28242419; Mob: 9769694422
Email: atmasvd@gmail.com
Website: www.atmadarshan-svd.org

The Canossian Sisters derive their name from their Foundress, St. Magdalene, Marchioness of Canossa (1774-1835). She began her Institution in Italy, in 1808 and called the Sisters 'Daughters of Charity'. They devoted themselves to educate street children, teach catechism and take care for the sick. Magdalene was a pioneer in initiating Non-Formal Education for the poor and her work has spread to the five continents of the world.

The Canossians came to Andheri East in 1963 and transferred their novices here from Belgaum. The attempt of the Sisters and Novices then, to help the slum children of the area ended up in the establishment of an Institution. The tiny seed grew into a big School which is greatly sought after, since good, all round education is given to girls of all castes and creeds. The Catholic girls in particular are helped to imbibe and practice the virtues and teachings of Jesus.

The Novitiate which was part of the Nirmalashram Community is now a separate community within the same campus.

In 1979, a Vocational School had been started in the premises with a view to provide training in various professional courses. It is now updated as Canossa Academy of Skills with Diploma Courses in Tailoring, Fashion Designing and Beautician's Course.

In 1980 a community was formed in Munshi Chawl at the request of the then Parish priest of Holy Family Parish Chakala, Fr. Frederick Sopena SJ. Here they have been engaged in welfare activities in the families, seeing to their emotional, pastoral and spiritual needs.

Several Sisters have distinguished themselves in the social field by reaching out to poor around. A programme of coaching classes, assisting, feeding and clothing the poor is lovingly undertaken by the Nirmalashram community.

An Alcoholic Anonymous group is running in the Primary School premises for over 25 years.

Today, a community of three Sisters look after street children in Sneha Sadan Home organized by the Jesuits.

The Canossa Ashram is a Holistic Centre where facilities are provided for retreats, seminars and programmes. Sisters also organize and conduct retreats, initiating programmes for Women's empowerment, Life encounters and the like. Counselling is given when needed.

Several Sisters of our five communities of Sacred Heart Parish give a good slice of their time to parish activities such as lay formation in SCC groups, teaching the faith to children, youth and adults and preparing them for the sacraments. They also guide the Legionaries and Youth Group.

The campus also houses the office and residence of the Provincial Team of the Province of St. Francis Xavier, India-Centre.

Efforts have been made to 'walk with the times' to bring about a spring time of renewal and transformation, adding spirit and grace to the vibrant parish. We hope for a better India and a better world.

Canossian Sisters
Mahakali Caves Rd.,
Andheri East,
Mumbai - 400 093

Phone: 0091-022-28353085
Website: www.canossiansindiacentre.in

The first Carmelites were a group of Hermits gathered on Mount Carmel, in the 12th century. After the example of Mary, their Patroness, they devoted themselves to prayer and contemplation, in a simple austere life of solitude and silence.

Blessed John Soreth (1394-1471), was instrumental in establishing the Order of Cloistered Carmelite Nuns. In the 15th century the monasteries of Cloistered Carmelite Nuns were reformed by St. Teresa of Avila, the great Mystic and Doctor of the Church.

Mary is the model of every contemplative life. One of the great symbols of Carmelite spirituality is the Scapular. 

Two essential elements of the Teresian Charism:

a) – a life of personal prayer and intimacy with God,                                        
b) – the Ecclesial and Apostolic aim of serving the needs of the Church more effectively by a life of penance, fasting, observance of the Rule and virtuous life.
The Cloistered Carmelites are in this Parish since the year 1965, at the invitation of late Cardinal Valerian Gracias. They make Altar-Bread for many parishes in the city of Mumbai.

Parishioners are welcome to meet with the Cloistered Carmelites and share their problems and difficulties.  In turn the Carmelites pray with them and speak to them of God’s love and mercy.  The Carmelite Chapel is a peaceful retreat for unburdening oneself.

Carmelite Monastery
Mahakali Caves Rd.,
Andheri East,
Mumbai - 400 093

Phone: 0091-022-28205303

The Congregation of the sisters of the Holy Spirit was founded on 4th June 1857 by Mother Irmina Hoelscher with the incentive of Fr. Philip De Lorenzi.

The Charism of the Congregation is to be a living community in teh Holy Spirit , and to make the working of the Holy Spirit in this world tangible to the people through us. The sisters are actively involved in different part of the rural areas of our country and commit themselves for building up a new community of love.

The Holy Spirit brought people of different languages, cultures and customs together on Pentecost and gave them an experience of oneness. It is the task and challenge for the Sisters of the Holy Spirit to build such communities, especially in our country where there are differences of race, religion, caste, culture, custom and gulf between rich and poor. By our pledge to the service of love, we are called to be the voice for the voiceless, signs of unity, agents of transformation and channels of goodness to our brethren by our being and living, hence to implant the values of perfect community where love reigns supreme and service gives chances.

In 1973 the Congregation started in India in the Diocese of Chanda - Chandrapur Dist. At present we are working in Africa, Germany and India. The apostolate in which our Congregation involved:

  • Women empowerment
  • SHG (Self Help Groups)
  • Organizing training and awareness programs
  • Care for the H.I.V & AIDS
  • Counselling
  • Leadership training for women and youth
  • Saving groups of children
  • Adolescents groups
  • Sheep rearing
  • Food & Nutrition to the deserving
  • Watershed program
  • Elimination of Child Labour
  • Barefoot lawyers & counsellors' training, Legal aid
  • Prison Ministry, Literacy Classes
  • Residential Bridge School
  • Balsadan, Home for the aged
  • Shelter home for women in distress
  • Care for the Street children
  • Care for the differently challenged
  • Mobile clinic
  • Arranging health camps
  • Care Centers for HIV/ADIS
  • Home based care for HIV/AIDS & TB patients
  • Family visit
  • Teaching Catechism
  • Youth Animation
  • Participation in the Parish Council
  • Participation SCC
  • Family counselling
  • Working with Jesus Fraternity movement

In the year 1994 we had the humble beginning of Shantighar in Achanak Colony, Mahakali Caves Road Andheri East. "Shantighar", a temporary shelter home for battered women, women and children of the broken families, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. Providing services like counseling, legal assistance and rehabilitation. It is a sanctuary for women and children who are victims of domestic violence and other abuses. We have sheltered women from all walks of life, who are referred by the police, court, NGOs, parishes, social workers and in certain cases, women come by themselves. Since the activities of the centre expanded we shifted our house to a specious place which is situated at MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai.

Our Motto: Touching hearts changing lives, reaching out in love and hope towards those in every need by empowering them for a better tomorrow.

The Aims and Objectives of Shantighar

  1. Family counseling - spiritual, social and legal;
  2. Legal service to all
  3. Training programme to train para - counselors, consultants.
  4. Legal education for the common people like camps, seminars
  5. Counseling for children, teenagers, youth andcouples
  6. Family visit, especially to broken families, sick and needy.
  7. personality development, Life skill training, for teenagers & youth
  8. Awareness programmes for women concentrating more on single mothers, divorcees and broken families.
  9. Stress- management programmes
  10. Legal assistance in the prisons, arranging various programmes for the prisoners.
  11. Mediation before Court or after filing.
  12. Conducting NLP training (Neuro Linguistic Programme) for a deeper study of self

Families in Crisis, is a pressing and critical concern around us today. " Shantighar" is a project born out of failing marriages, increased rate of violence and families in crises. Shantighar has succeeded in reuniting many couples and giving others a purpose in life.

NEAR R.C. Maruti School,
11TH D.P ROAD of Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri East, Mumbai - 400 093
Phone: (O)0091-022-28255261, (R)0091-022-28304485
Email : Shantighar.Chaitanya@gmail.com
Website: www.Shantighar.info

Dhyan Kutir, (a meditation cottage) envisages to be an inter spiritual dialogue-point, aware of the desire of Jesus: "may they all be one as we are one" (John 17:11)

We aim at creating a home for seekers of spiritual life and faith, space for solitude and spiritual harmony for people of all religions and a place for contemplation, healing and integration through dialogue, meditative practices, retreats, personal accompaniment, guidance and counselling.

Activities at Dhyan Kutir

  1. Meditative sessions are being given in the evenings of Tuesdays and Thursdays for people of all religions. These meditations are designed to get rid of negative energies that accumulate in our bodies because of tensions, to experience mental and physical relaxation and to realise one's own true self and God.

  2. Opportunities are given to learn meditation and prayer.

  3. Offering of contemplative Eucharist in which we meditatively celebrate the Mass.

  4. Inter religious spiritual satsangh. These are gatherings of people of all religions to share insights from different faith-backgrounds done in an atmosphere of meditative silence.

  5. Counselling helps are available for those who seek specific helps in psycho-spiritual areas.

  6. Consultation and treatment are given for patients of asthma and allergies.

Dhyan Kutir remains generally open for any one to come and experience the silence and the prayerful atmosphere.

Build a spiritual traffic island where all true seekers of meaning and purpose of life will be welcome to experience God, self and life meditatively in an atmosphere of silence and contemplation.

Sow the seeds of a spirituality that harmonises, unifies and helps build earth family consciousness with a belief that human beings are essentially similar at the core and that all beings are inherently spiritual and interconnected.

The Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima, a missionary congregation was founded by Msgr. Francis Xavier Kroot MHM, in 1893, in Bellary, Karnataka. Later in 1951 the Generalate and the Novitiate was shifted to Pune. Today the Congregation has 80 Communities spread out in forty Dioceses of India and Germany. The Community of Fatima Mata Sadan at the Sacred Heart Parish, Andheri East, was established in 1998.

The congregation is extensively involved in Humanitarian causes such as :- Educational, Socio-Medical, Pastoral, Homes for the aged, Orphanages, Home for street children, Boarding homes, Grihini Schools, and Women empowerment etc.

Mumbai Province of Fatima Sisters has 31 communities. In the Sacred Heart Parish, the Fatima Sisters play an active role in Sunday School, SCC, Liturgy planning, Youth Ministry, PPC, and Hope and Life Movement. They also devote their time and talents in visiting the families, Hospitals, caring for the old, sick and needy, preparing for the Adult Baptism and Faith Formation. The sisters assist the Church for Altar decoration, distribution of Holy Communion and conducting Choir on week days with the help of Pre-novices. Fatima Sisters also run a Home ‘Fatima Ashray’ for the street and destitute Girls.

Fatima Mata Sadan
Near Chesire Home,
M.C. Road,
Andheri East – 400093

Tel :  91-022- 28314826
Fatima Ashray
Near Chesire Home,
M.C. Road,
Andheri East - 400093

Tel : 91-022- 28321033

Gyan Ashram is one of the oldest institutions in the Mahakali Caves locality of Andheri East. It was founded in the year 1955 by late Rev. Fr. George Proksch SVD. He became Guru Gyan Prakash. He was a prophet who had a farsighted vision of an inculturated Church in India. He learned Indian languages, music and dance and shared the Christian message in Indian culture. Gyan Ashram continues this vision of Fr. George Proksch even today.

The present Gyan Ashram team of SVD Priests continues the work of Fr. Proksch in sharing the Christian message through dialogue, music and dance. The Gyan Ashram conducts classes in music and dance. It organizes dialogues and meetings. Besides this, Gyan Ashram is a place for working with all religions. Specialists in Yoga conduct courses in Yoga. The institution encourages young talent in acting and drawing. The non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) use the premises of the Ashram for the empowerment of the poor.

Thus, Gyan Ashram is like an oasis where people of different religions, cultures and languages meet together for various purposes with one aim of building a harmonious society based on the values of Jesus our Lord who lived, died and rose again to build the Kingdom of God.


  • Tabla
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Key Board
  • Sitar
  • Flute
  • Harmonium
  • Hindustan (Vocal)
  • Carnatic (Vocal)
  • Western Music

  • Bharat Natyam
  • Mohini Attam
  • Kucchipudi
  • Odissi
  • Kathak
  • Folk
Other Courses

  • Acting and Personality Development
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Course
  • Fitness through Yoga
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Inter-Religious Dialogue Training
  • Personal Guidance and Counseling

Our Speciality
  • Well qualified and Experienced faculty
  • Natural Surroundings
  • Spacious and well equipped class rooms
  • Preparation of students for exams by :
    • Trinity College, London : Western Music
    • Akhil Bhraratiya Gandharva Maha Vidyalaya Mandal, Miraj : Hindustani Music
    • Nalanda Institute, Mumbai : Classical Dance
Gyan Ashram,
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400 093

Tel: 91-022-28325046 & 2825 7257

The Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS) is a Congregation founded by St. Arnold Janssen on December 8, 1889, in the village of Steyl in the Netherlands, with the assistance of Sisters Maria Helena Stollenwerk (Bl. Maria Helena) and Josepha Hendrina Stenmanns (Bl. Josepha). From a humble origin in a remote village in Steyl, Holland the Order has now branched out to over 46 countries with around 3,700 Sisters of 40 nationalities forming a network of over 400 communities. The first group of 4 sisters arrived in India in 1933.  Today, the Congregation has expanded its mission to over 15 states in India.

Seeing   the   health   conditions   of   the   people   of   Mumbai, Sr. Carmelann Mckee promptly set up a dispensary, in 1964 fondly known as “Jungle Hospital”.  Today, Holy Spirit Hospital is a 325 bed multi-specialty hospital 26 general ICU and 14 beds ICCU catering to approximately 2 million people.  

As Missionaries, there is a constant endeavour to build up basic human communities, work for social justice and peace, and defend the rights and dignity of women. The core apostolate of the Sisters in India are Education, Health care and Socio-pastoral care, HIV/AIDS, Battered women, Domestic workers especially for the marginalized, women and children. The motto in all these activities is "Service in Love" as Servants of the Holy Spirit of Divine Love.

This is evident from the dedicated involvement of the Sisters in the well patronised Holy Spirit Hospital and in the vicinity through five different clinics in the slums.  A team of doctors, nurses, social workers and other paramedical staff work daily in these centres especially for the economically backward and the marginalized of society. Preventive and promotive health care is provided through immunization programmes, antenatal care, family visits and health education. Health workers’ training programmes, Balwadi, supplementary food for pre-school children, vocational training programmes for women, school health programmes and AIDS awareness programmes are all part of the community development programmes undertaken.  Nursing education and one stage of religious formation are the other areas of concentration.  The Sisters also find time to involve themselves in the SCC movement and family apostolate, in the Parish.

The Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS),
Holy Spirit Hospital
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400 093

Tel: 91-022-28202371 / 28248507

The Society of the Divine Word (SVD), an International Missionary Order, from its very inception in 1875, felt the urgent need to understand the people and their cultures to whom, they were commissioned to go. Upon reaching foreign lands like China with its sophisticated culture or New Guinea with its indigenous culture, SVD missionaries painfully realized that understanding the world view, life view, attitudes, values and behavioural patterns of people was more important as well as more difficult than journeying into new geographical territories. The struggles and requests of new missionaries abroad prompted Fr. Wilheim Schmidt SVD, to venture into a new field of inquiry. For the regular publication of religio-cultural data from missionaries, he founded a journal, Anthropos in 1906 and later in 1932 an Institute with the same name.

As a student of St. Gabriel Seminary, Vienna, Stephen Fuchs, was already under the influence of this intellectual giant. After his ordination in 1934 he was sent to central India. During the Second World War all the German SVDs in India, were interned. Fr. Fuchs, an Austrian by nationality, was not imprisoned. With his anthropological background he began to study the culture of the Balahis in Nimar district in Madhya Pradesh. With the data already collected he returned to the University of Vienna. His doctoral thesis was published as The Children of Hari (1950). After his return to India, he founded an Indian branch of Anthropos Institute in Bandra (W). Fr. Mathias Hermanns SVD, the author of, The Origin and Development of Chinese Culture, (1935) who was expelled from the Communist China, joined the new Institute. Fr. Wilhelm Koppers SVD a close associate of W. Schmidt joined the Bandra Centre and started research on the Bhil tribe of Jhabua State, (now in MP) along with Fr. Leon Jungblut SVD. Prof. J.V. Ferreira, a close associate of S. Fuchs, after retiring as head of the department of Sociology, University of Mumbai, continues to collaborate as IIC Faculty. Many other scholars contributed to its growth. After 60 years of teaching and publishing, S. Fuchs retired and returned to Austria in 1996.

In 1976, Anthropos, in Bandra, was relocated in Andheri (E) with new infrastructure and was rechristened as Institute of Indian Culture. Dr.S.M. Michael SVD stepped into the shoes of S. Fuchs, when he returned to his home country. An author of many books and articles, Michael is Professor of Anthropology in the University of Mumbai since 15 years. He was appointed by Pope John Paul II as a Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, Vatican. Very recently he is appointed Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Cultures by Pope Benedict XVI. He is also serving the Archdiocese of Bombay as the Chairperson of the Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue.

In the context of rapid migrations of people into towns and cities we encounter the challenge of cross-culturalization, by receiving as well as giving cultural elements from each other at a pragmatic level. Today we are confronted with globalization, frightening cultural domination by the West and lose of Indian cultural values and identity. As a consequence conflicts of cultures are on the increase.  In this alarming world context study of cultures and civilizations should become a matter of unprecedented urgency. The Catholic Church in India is often accused of being foreign in many respects. Inculturation and adaptation of church to Indian Culture is another demand.        

That Institute of Indian Culture was recognized in 1997 by the University of Mumbai as a Post-Graduate Research Centre for M.A. (by research) and Ph.D. in Anthropology and Sociology is another milestone. A few have already completed there research and degrees are awarded by the University.  Currently more than a dozen students are registered for M.A. and Ph.D. researches. A library with over 50,000 books and dozens of scholarly journals is huge attraction for scholars. The staff members of Institute of Indian Culture have together published about 60 books and 300 articles in scholarly journals.

Another staff member, Dr. Augustine Kanjamala’s field of specialization is anthropology of missions. He is author of many books and one of the four University approved research guides here.

IIC works with the Vision of providing reliable and researched data on Indian culture, religion and society, towards the goal of building a just and humane society. The present director, Dr. Joseph M.T. is also a lecturer in Sociology at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. His fields of specialization are Sociology of Religion and Political Sociology. Fr. Joyson Kurian, the principal of St. Arnold’s High School is the treasurer of Institute of Indian Culture. Dr. Fr. Charles Vas, the founder-secretary of Sangeet Abhinay Academy is a community member at Institute of Indian Culture along with student priests Fr. Cosmos Ekka, Fr. Thomas Monteiro and Fr. Pratap Baria.

The Fathers of the Institute of Indian Culture also involve in pastoral ministry at the Sacred Heart Church, Mahakali Caves Road, other parishes nearby and the religious houses in the vicinity.

Institute of Indian Culture,
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400 093

Tel: 91-022-28368038
Email : iicbombay@gmail.com
Website : www.iicmumbai.in

International Missionary Association (IMA/AMI) is an Association of Christ's faithful, consisting of lay members, who, docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit wish to live the same missionary vocation in mutual complementarity, communion and fraternal collaboration, placing themselves at the service of the local church.

AMI was founded at Faenza (Italy) on December 8 ,1989 by Mgr. MarioBabini and Dr.(Miss) Maria Pia Reggi together with the first group of Italian and Indian missionaries. It was approvedfor the first time on March 2, 1991, by the Bishop of Faenza, His Exc.Franceso Tarcisio Bertozzi of blessed memory and finally on March 1st 2010 by His Excellency Claudio Stagni.

AMI consists of:

  1. Missionary Fraternity of Lay Consecrated Women
    They commit themselves to follow Christ through the Evangelical counsels (Virginity for the kingdom of God, Poverty and Obedience)and their missionary life in the ordinary lay condition,either in their homeland or in other faraway countries. As a specific rule of life they follow also their internal regulation foreseen by the AMI statute.

  2. Missionary Fraternity of Apostolic Group
    They are married couples, but singles are also foreseen. They formally commit themselves to live the radicalism of the Gospel in their state of life, following the Gospel of Beatitudes and giving a missionary dimensionto the whole of their existence. They also follow a specific internal regulation.

  3. Missionary Fraternity for Men(Secular Priests and Consecrated Lay Men)
    The members of this fraternity also commit themselves to follow Christ through the Evangelical counsels and their missionary life,either in their homeland or in other faraway countries according to the Statutes, the common internal regulation and their own internal norms of life.(This group has not yet grown as the other two fraternities have.)

The members offer themselves for the service of the missionary task of the local church, both for evangelization and for re-evangelization. Their mission is to be a witness for the Gospel to the poorest in both developed and developing societies turning to the least privileged. They wish to welcome/receive every poor, not only the materially needy so that every brother God entrusts them may feel loved with the heart of Christ Himself. They desire to be educators of faith in the families, in the surroundings and in the field of work and in their personal relationship; to give the whole of their life a missionary dimension. Mission gives to all their existence meaning, style of life and characterizes their specific role in the church.

The members are engaged in different professional fields in both private and public sectors. Our Internationality underlines the commitment to become a meeting point and instrument of dialogue, of exchange of values and experience, of giving and receiving, among people and sister churches.


MISSIONARIES OF HOPE: with Welcoming Attitude and Internationality.

‘To be a witness to the call of the people of God: to holiness and mission, in the complementarity and reciprocity of the different situations and states of life in the church.


To establish the Kingdom of God initiated by Jesus Christ: the coming of a just and brotherly world until God is everything in everybody.

Contemplatives in action: deeply involved with the world and its history, open to the different cultures,be a testimony to the love of ourFather, to His mercy and providence, an active life in the presence of God.

Trinitarian spirituality and Trust in Divine Providence.

Different forms of belonging:

  1. Permanent membership

  2. Fraternity of Consecrated Women

  3. Fraternity of Apostolic Group (Couples)

  4. Fraternity of Consecrated Men

  1. Missionary Commitment Group They are persons who share the same aim, objectives and methods of the Association and desire to partake in its spirituality and fraternal life. Membership to this group may be permanent as such. It may also be the first formal steps of persons who wish commit themselves as members in the fraternities.

  2. Volunteers and Supporters

  3. Youth, children, mission experience group, friends, benefactors

Where we are:
Italy, India, Tanzania,Eritrea
In India: Kochi, Kozhikode, Mumbai, Assam, Bangalore, Chandrapur
India Region: Headquarters-Kochi

AMI Regional House
ShenoyRoad , SRRA 44, Kaloor, Kochi-682017
Ph: 04842345975
Email: amicochin@gmail.com

In the Mumbai group, we have three consecrated women members.One is a ward manager in the oncology dept. in Holy Spirit Hospital, another oneis a social worker giving her service in asocial welfare Centreand the thirdis a retired social worker, who spends her time by doingfamily visits and prison ministry. At present there are two members in Missionary Commitment Group.About fifteen familiesare associated with AMI and we all meet together twice a month for advancing our spiritual growth to live a missionary life. We are engaged in the parish associations, cellsand SCCs. The membersvisit patients in hospitals and families who are sick and needy and visit children'shomes.The AMI Youth group also participates in these activities.

Contact address:

2A/21, Takshila,
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400 093
Tel: 91-022-28363939
email : amimumbai9@gmail.com
AMI Website is: www.ami-ima.net
Saint Jeanne Jugan

(Jeanne Jugan was canonized
By Pope Benedict the XVI
In Rome
On Oct. 11th 2009)

“One day you will be canonized…”

was the exclamation of a very curious and outspoken novice who had been attracted to the very humble Mother Foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Jeanne Jugan.

“No! never!”

was the quick, terse and firm voice of Jeanne Jugan whose only desire was to live a humble, hidden life in the service of the Poor.

Yes “for once she was wrong!” because in 1982 when Jeanne was Beatified, the Church recognized her sanctity and today, after your canonization on the 11th of October 2009, we can only say:  “Yes, for once you were wrong!”

But only once ……..

So very many other times, whatever Jeanne Jugan spoke about, SHE WAS ALWAYS RIGHT! 

Do you remember when she said:

“God wants me for Himself! He is keeping me for a work that is not yet known, for a work that is not yet founded!”

And so it happened on a cold Winter’s Day in 1839, this “unknown work” began when Jeanne brought to her own home, an elderly blind, paralyzed lady and put her in her own bed and began to care for her like her own mother.  The Unknown work began!  She was right!

Another time she said:

“Give, give us the house.  If God fills it, God will not abandon it!”

After the first old lady, one by one, more kept coming… and then the old men… and then a shelter was given them… and then a larger house was found… And God began to fill it with more and more elderly people.  Once again she was right! God never abandoned any of the Homes founded by her or her daughters!  He was always there to help them. She was right!

She also said:

“If God is with us, it will be accomplished!”

And so with so many elderly poor people to look after, Jeanne began to beg for them… going door to door to ask for alms… And Yes, so many people responded by giving her donations for her poor… Yes, God was with her… the maintenance of her Homes and the care of her elderly were  assured through the Providence of God… through the Begging “it was  accomplished”…  Right again, Jeanne!

We also remember Jeanne said:

“The Poor are our Lord”

This time again, of course she was right… she had to be right… because what she said only repeated what Jesus Himself had said; “Whatever you do to the least of these my brothers, you do unto me!” Again Jeanne was right!

We cannot forget this:

“You know well what is happening, my dear Jesus.  I have only You.  Come to my aid… and then go your way. And don’t worry about knowing how you are going to manage. It is enough to have told Our Good Lord.  He has an excellent memory.

Jeanne knew our Lord well.  He had never disappointed her (nor anyone else who puts their faith in Him). Jesus never forgets whatever we take to Him in prayer. All the worries and sufferings, hopes and aspirations, that Jeanne spoke to Him about were always taken care of by this “Master of the Impossible” And this is why she always radiated peace and serenity. She was truly right to say that “He has a good memory!”

Another time she said:

“My little ones, it is so good to be poor, to have nothing, to depend on God for everything!”

The witness of the Homes for the Aged founded by Jeanne and then down through the past 170 years those founded by her daughters, the Little Sisters of the Poor, are an undeniable proof, that it is “good to depend on God for everything”. God provides abundantly for the needs of the elderly in the Homes of Jeanne Jugan, in the measure that we trust Him.  Jeanne was not mistaken.

Once again Jeanne was right when she said:

The Hail Mary will take us to Heaven!”

Why could Jeanne be so sure of that?  Because she knew Mary was her Mother… a Mother whom she trusted and loved… a Mother whom she gave to her daughters to be their “Model, Joy and Protection”.   Yes, and it was Mary who came and took her to heaven. Her last words were: “O Mary, my dear mother, come to me. You know that I love you and that I long to see you.”   Right again, up until her last breath!

And to all her future daughters, the Little Sisters of the Poor she had said:

“It is a great grace that God has given you in calling you to serve the poor.”

The congregation of The Little Sisters of the Poor was founded in France by Jeanne Jugan in the year 1839.  The charism of the congregation is humble service to the elderly.  The Little Sisters of the Poor, her daughters, today, spread out in 31 countries of the world, understand that it is truly a great grace God has given them to serve the elderly poor in their Homes for the Aged. “Ever living among her daughters” Jeanne proves that she was right again by the radiance of their lives, that it truly is a great grace God has given them in calling them to serve the poor!

The home which is a part of our Parish, was established in 1958 and is open to those aged 65 years and above and who lack the resources to live in a paying institution. The community of the Little Sisters of the Poor is committed to the care and well being of the inmates of the home, which goes beyond any consideration of caste, class or religion. They depend entirely on the charity of the public, whose support has been unfailing all these years.

Life in the Home is shared in every way; joys and sorrows, limitations and strengths, giving and receiving. As much as possible, each resident has some occupation.  For those less active or in need of constant care, the involvement of all is encouraged, including the families of the aged, the staff, volunteers and benefactors.

Yes, Jeanne, you were always right because your words, were just an echo of the Gospel which you had meditated on throughout your life and which became a part of you!  Even when you objected to any thought or mention of a “canonization” you were right for your only desire was to imitate Jesus in His humility and self-effacement.

Little Sisters of the Poor,
Home for the Aged,
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400 093

Tel: 91-022-28364187

Sarva Seva Sangh (SSS) is a registered philanthropic NGO of Divine Word Missionaries in Andheri, Mumbai. It was inaugurated on 5th October 2003. It has a humble beginning. It works for the rehabilitation of Children at high risk (CAR). We work for the rehabilitation of street and working children, rag pickers and their children, school drop out youth, orphans and children living with and affected by HIV / AIDS. Ursuline Sisters are assisting us with personnel and dedicated service since the beginning.

Moved by the love of God, transforming lives of the marginalized through the empowering presence.

Sarva Seva Sangh is committed to the holistic rehabilitation of children at high risk - the street and working children, children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, school dropouts, waste picker's children - and of alcoholic and substance abusers, the poor and the marginalized, rehabilitating and integrating them into the main stream of the society, irrespective of caste, creed and culture. We do this through formal and non-formal education, community college, medical care, advocacy programmes and net working with likeminded institutions.

SSS Mumbai has been slowly yet consistently progressing towards becoming a centre for the transformation of many lives. We function not solely as a charitable organization, but as a centre offering support and accompaniment to those who are trying to make progress in life.

Our activities at present

Our present activities revolve around three sectors of the society: the children with minimum possibilities of advancing in life, the youth whose progress has been truncated in life and the men and women who are looking for identity and recognition in the society. We don't wish to be patrons in their process of transformation, rather partners in their journey.

  1. Street and slum children: SSS works for children in slums, especially the children of rag pickers and those living in pavements and street. SSS has seven Baalwadis for these children. More than sixty children are placed in near by schools and twenty five girls children are placed in a near by hostel for formal education. We provide for all their educational needs. Weekly medical care and nutritional support to these children. We also conduct life skill and personality development classes to these children.

  2. Waste Pickers: We started working with waste pickers because we realized that there are more than a hundred thousand of them in the Mumbai City and only a few NGOs work for their cause and none was found operating in this area. We realized that they live in subhuman conditions either on the pavement or on such places where others would consider totally unhealthy to live in. On the other hand, their working conditions are one of the worst in the city. Of all the waste pickers, 80% are women and most of the men in the household work either as gutter cleaners or in the construction sites. We've developed a three fold approach to their situation:

    1. Giving them identity: The majority had no government recognized identity card of any kind. We work in tandem with the Public Distribution Office and obtain for them Ration Card and all the other benefits that come with it

    2. Small Savings and Credit: We have formed so far nine Bachat Gats (Self Help Groups), where every month the women deposit a certain amount in the bank as a group. When they are in need they can take a loan from the group on minimum interest rates. This helps them to get away from the clutches of money lenders who impose exorbitant interests on the loans.

    3. Awareness and skill development: We have continuous awareness programmes for the women and we have tried some skill development programmes too though we haven't been very successful in this matter.

  3. Community College: It is a job-oriented training for school drop out youth. When we began it was conceived to be 9 month Office Automation Course. Due to some reasons it did not pick up. In 2008 we joined hands with Oasis India and started to offer a course of 4 months on Customer Relation and Sales Course. Again due to some reason Oasis backed off from the project. And now we are doing it by ourselves.

    At present we have twelve students in our community college. Of the 110 students who have passed through our SVD Community college, more than 80% are working and drawing a decent salary. More than 40% have enrolled themselves for further studies. The community college is being run in a hall at the Institute of Indian Culture on a rental basis.

  4. Substance abusers: At present we have limited our activities to conducting biweekly meetings of Alcoholic Anonymous group, family visits and counseling and helping a few in their rehabilitation process. We are planning to start a Counseling and a Day care Intervention Centre. There is a loud cry for help from those who are substance abusers and their families.

  5. HIV and related issues: Though there are many more well established agencies dealing with this there is not a single agency that offers crisis intervention, awareness and counseling for HIV/AIDS in this area. There are 50 families who are positive, registered with us. We are educating 70 HIV/ AIDS children. We are providing for their education, medical and nutritional needs. A lot of activities and interventions can be undertaken for this target group provided there is much needed funds and space.

    We reach out to people irrespective of cast, creed and culture. Doing good requires many hands. We look forward to the collaboration with and co-operation of all who care and dare to make a difference in the lives of these children. You can be a partner in our humanitarian effort. Do you care?

Sarva Seva Sangh,
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400 093

Tel: 91-022-28237589, Mobile. 09920269658
Email: mnirappel@gmail.com

Rev. Fr. Pierre Paul Blanck founded the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in France near Colmar at Elsas on 3rd March, 1845. The founder entrusted the Congregation, to the special protection of St. Joseph. This had the characteristic of an Episcopal congregation. By the end of the First World War, Elsas became a French territory. Slowly and gradually, the field of action of the St. Joseph Sisters expanded and it crossed the frontiers of France to Germany. On 7th June 1920, St. Trudpert became a Province. In 1970, the Province became an independent Congregation called S.JST.

The amalgamation of both the congregations, Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Trudpert and Sisters of St. Joseph of Saint-Marc took place on 8th November 2001, enjoying the identity of Papal Congregation. After the amalgamation, the first general chapter took place in October 2004. The chapter decided to take the original name of the congregation SISTERS OF ST. JOSEPH OF “SAINT –MARC” (SJSM). The SJSM congregation is present in France, Germany, America, India, Russia and Tanzania

The charism of the SJSM congregation is Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and service to the poor and needy. The sisters concentrate on visiting the poor, visiting and counseling inmates in the Prison, caring for the aged, being with the sick in hospitals, dispensaries and Leprosy-centres, teaching, caring for the girls in the boarding, pastoral activities and social work.

Kanchan Building,
Flat No. 402- 406,
Sher e Punjab,
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400 093

Tel: 91-022-28375396

Snehasadan is a voluntary organization concerned precisely with children on the run. It aims to care, protect and gradually restore a sense of balance by making them feel wanted and loved. It tries to give these children a sense of belonging and of being loved, all this in the context of a FAMILY. Therefore in a true sense Snehasadan is a home for many, many homeless and smile less children.

These children are mainly rejects, drop-outs of human race, wharfs, street urchins with dirty unkempt hair carrying a gunny-sack over their shoulders or lying asleep on the platform. It is a common sight to see them begging at street junctions, jumping in and out of moving trains- their whole life on the street symbolizing the movement and freedom of a bird in flight captured in the chug, chugging of a moving train. They are basically very happy children and Snehasadan shelters these children regardless of creed.

At present there are two contact centers i.e. Amchi Kolhi, functioning from C.S.T. and Borivali and 16 Homes - 11 for boys and 5 for girls, under this Organization, under the directorship of Fr. Placido Fonseca SJ

House No. 13, which comes under the Sacred Heart Parish, is situated just behind the Sacred Heart Church. Earlier it was a Home for the boys, who were looked after by the House parents. These boys have now been shifted to Chakala, House No. 3, and the girls from Vijay Nagar, Marol are brought in here. In the place of house parents, the Canossian sisters have taken charge to look after the girls. At present there are 28 girls, out of which, few attend neighbouring regular schools (Canossa convent High School, Holy Family, B M C-Hindi Medium, Krutika Special School etc).The others are either attending colleges for their further studies or appearing through N.I.O.S and professional courses too.

It is through the kindness and generosity of many benefactors that this organization tries to achieve its aim of giving New Life to these less fortunate children - by bringing them to the main steam of Society. May God Bless all those who reach out to us in Love.

Next to Sacred Heart Church,
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400 093

Tel: 91-022-65205515

The congregation ofthe Society of St. Ursula was founded by Mother Anne de Xainctonge on 16th June 1606 at Dole in France,with the dream to teach the girls and women of her time the truths of their faith. Our Charism is "faith formation through education". St Ursula being the patroness of education, Mother Anne named the Society after her. Our apostolate was not only restricted to teaching in schools but great attention was paid to the instruction and training of women both in their religion and home management, visiting the sick in hospitals and other forms of charitable works. The society of St. Ursula soon spread to different countries of Europe and later to America, Africa and Asia.

Having the headquarters in Switzerland, the society branched out to India in the year 1952.Our 3 Swiss sisters ventured out and arrived in Rahata and then in Pune (Maharashtra), where they began their work of education and instruction in the diocese of Pune- in the year 1964. Today the Ursuline sisters in Indiaare involved in Educational, medical work, social and pastoral apostolate in the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, Odisha, and Jharkhand. Eager to carry the little lamp lit by Anne de Xainctonge far and wide our sisters have reached Romania.

Our presence at Andheri East, Asha Sadan house began in the year 2005 at the invitation ofthe SVD Fathers to collaborate with them in social work at Serva Seva Sangh (SSS).

Collaboration with SSS


A ray of hope to the children through education

  • Pre-school Centers ( Balwadis)
  • Support classes in the slum pockets
Community college:
  • An alternative system of education to empower the disadvantaged, underprivileged and drop out youth.
Reaching out to the HIV infected and affected children and adults through
  • Educational support
  • Medical support
  • Supplementary nutrition
Asha Sadan,
Trans Residency Bldg No. D- 1, Flat No 303,
MIDC, Road No 23, SEEPZ,
Andheri East,
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Soverdia House is the youngest of the (present) five SVD communities in the spacious Gyan Ashram Campus, on the Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai - behind Sacred Heart Church and along the side of St Arnold's School. The foundation stone for Soverdia House was laid on 5th September 1999 by Very Rev. Fr. Henry Barlage SVD, the then Superior General of the Society of the Divine Word. Rev. Fr. Gregory Pinto SVD, then provincial superior of India, Mumbai province, blessed and formally inaugurated the House three years later, on 8th September, 2002 - to be exact. However, it took some more time to occupy the House as it was not furnished yet, nor the work completed by then due to financial constraints.

Soverdia is primarily a transit-house for the Indian SVD missionaries abroad, as well as all the SVDs in transit through Mumbai, and so has necessarily the office of the Superior Delegate (who is in charge of the Indian SVDs abroad). It is also meant to be the house of the retirees of the SVD India-Mumbai Province. Right now there are five retirees, Arch Bishop Raphael Cheenath SVD, Emeritus Archbishop of Cuttak Bhubaneswar is one of them. In addition to these retirees, there are another six confreres who are involved in certain ministries are also residing at Soverdia House. Thirdly, it is also a house for the sick SVD members. So expatriate SVDs, as also members from all the five Indian provinces, who come to Mumbai for specialized medical treatment, rest and recuperation, find themselves at home in Soverdia. Accordingly, Soverdia is homely and spacious, with some fifteen rooms for double-occupancy, besides the dining and conference halls. This is in addition to the rooms and offices of the eleven resident members. When these rooms are not in SVD use, they are available for paying-guest accommodation. The Chapel of Soverdia has a special appeal. For it has the right atmosphere and ambience for quiet prayer. So some neighbours and well-wishers drop in for personal prayer..

Right now, Soverdia houses three offices: the office of the Superior Delegate, office of the All India Soverdia Sangam Trust, and office of the Benefactor's Department. Confreres in charge of SarvaSevaSangh (SSS) are also residing at Soverdia House.

Soverdia House,
Gyan Ashram Campus,
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400 093

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Responding to the aspirations of parents who were uneducated but wanted a better life for their children, The Society of the Divine Word (SVD) took the initiative to lay the foundation for an English medium school at the Gyan Ashram Campus in the year 1998. This foundation has gradually grown into a full-fledged high school accommodating over 2000 pupils and 40 teachers. The school mainly caters to the lower middle class families residing in the vicinity and 98% of them are non-Christians.  Imparting holistic education is the sole aim.

The school is well equipped with laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer training. Besides boasting of spacious classrooms, an assembly hall, library and an audio-visual room, St. Arnold’s provides the beneficiaries with a healthy atmosphere in which to assimilate knowledge. Play grounds, indoor games and a gymnasium are special facilities for all round physical development. Along with the curriculum the children get ample opportunity to develop their talents. The school also organizes special coaching in sports and outdoor games, drawing and painting, folk, classical dance and vocal classical singing.

St. Arnold’s looks forward to the material and spiritual assistance of its benefactors for the future and the growth of the school and its students.

St Arnold’s High School,
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400 093

Tel: 91-022-2839 6154 / 2831 4569
Website : www.starnoldschoolandheri.com

St. Dominic Savio Complex, Andheri, Mumbai, is a Don Bosco Institution run by the Salesians of Don Bosco, an International Religious Organization founded by St. John Bosco. St. John Bosco was born on the 16th August, 1815 in Italy and later was fondly know as Don Bosco. He started a number of institutions for poor and abandoned youngsters and got the help of many lay volunteers to assist him in his work for these youngsters.

Don Bosco is well known for his Preventive System, an educational method that uses Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness in the education of the young.

St. Dominic Savio Complex consists of:

  1. St. Dominic Savio High School which was established in 1969 and was canonically erected in the same year. The school caters to youngsters from the nursery to the high school
  2. A boarding that specifically caters to youngsters who are orphans, from broken families or of single parent and the very poor.
  3. Prafulta, a Counselling centre that caters to all youngsters and parents for counselling services and career orientation.
  4. Balprafulta, that reaches out to children in need and from the surrounding neighbourhood and bastis and looks into child rights programmes.
  5. Evening Study Classes that caters to poor children of the slums and the neighbourhood and gives them a place for study and recreation in the evenings.
  6. Holiday and summer camps that are organized during the school vacations for children from the surrounding areas and the slums.
Our Mission is to guide our teachers to educate our school children according to the teachings of St. John Bosco; to help our students imbibe standards of excellence in learning; and to develop into honest citizens and good people.

Our Aim is to cater to the children of the boarding, all catholics seeking admission and the children of the locality and to provide stated certified education guided by the principles of the Salesian Preventive System of Don Bosco.

This year there are one thousand six hundred students.
Our Mission is to reach out to orphan and semi-orphan boys, and boys from broken families – and to create a family atmosphere in which they can heal, study, develop their talents and grow into wholesome young men.

Our Aim is to provide a safe and secure atmosphere to our orphan and semi-orphan youngsters; to help them pray, love and support one another; to develop habits of wholesome living; to cultivate skills in self-study, sports, music and culture; and to assist those who have been hurt to heal and flower.

Our Services include facilities for boarding, lodging, schooling, study, recreation, cultural activities, psychological and psycho-spiritual assistance for those who need it.

This year we have eighty boarders.

The classes for the NIOS are no more conducted. However we are still a registered centre for the examinations and students can enroll themselves for the NIOS.

Our Mission is to compassionately reach out to economically disadvantaged school-going youngsters from our neighbourhood and provide them with educational, cultural and recreational facilities thus enabling them to develop into independent and productive citizens of our country and to create a meaningful future for themselves.

Our Focus is to provide underprivileged children with a conducive environment for study; to help them understand, accept and deal effectively with the influences of their environment and take personal responsibility for their lives.

Our Strategies include facilities and coaching in study, sports and cultural activities.

There are about three hundred students who come for the evening study classes this year.

PRAFULTA: Professional Counselling, Remediation and Psychological Services

Our Mission is to provide quality psychological and psychiatric services to help individuals and especially youngsters, group and families move toward optimal, independent functioning and improve their quality of life. We do this in a manner that respects the diversity in the people we serve. As  multi-service centre, we strive to reach out compassionately to serve those in psychological distress.

Our Aim is to help clients understand, accept and deal effectively with the influence of their environment, take personal responsibility for their lives and create a meaningful future for themselves.

Our Services include psychological and psycho-educational assessment; individual, group and occupational therapy; career guidance and remediation of learning difficulties; administration of psychotropic medication; and workshops for parents, educators and students on a variety of emotional, educational and mental health issues. In the past couple of years we have also been training school counsellors.

Our Mission is to provide care, protection, treatment and opportunities for rehabilitation and development to children of all strata of society, especially those hailing from the lower socio-economic and politically disadvantaged strata through the participation of state, marker and civil societies.

Our Focus is on the UN Convention Rights of the Child: Right to education; Right to development; Right to live; Right to health; Right to recreation; Right to protection from all forms of abuse; Right to a nurturing family; Right to participation.

Our Strategies are Community initiatives; Documentation and Research; Training and Networking; and Policy Change.

Rector St. Dominic Savio Boys Home,
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400 093

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