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Warm Greetings To You, My Dear Parishioners!

The traditional Easter greeting of ‘Happy Easter’ still lingers in my heart even now – although as the days go by it becomes weaker and weaker. But that is how it is in life, isn’t it? We can feel elated over special events and the feeling stays with us for quite a while until it finally fades away. I believe that is how it is with happiness as well. At first, the feeling can overwhelm us and then gradually it fades away.

Edward Hays, a Roman Catholic priest tells the story of a janitor during his seminary days who, every Friday, would greet each student saying: “Well, Happy Sunday!” Hays writes, that when he remembers the janitor, he regards him as one of those rare individuals who is content with life and who knows the taste of happiness. Happiness is the gift that grows from contentment. It comes when we are content with what has been given to us and with what we have achieved with our God given gifts.

For an Eastertide reflection, may I suggest that we take time to appreciate all the sources of happiness that are ours today . Be grateful for good health, shelter, clothing, good friends, family and that most precious gift of all: LIFE. Well, Easter is the feast of Love glorified and also the feast of New Life. It is when we appreciate what a gift it is to be alive that happiness will follow.

Taking time to experience contentment with what you have and who you are, especially in the light of the Resurrection, would make it easier to wish others the gift of happiness. When you are content, you can offer others a gift that you already possess.

This reminds me of the last verse of the hymn ‘Pass It On’, It sings: “I wish for you, my friend, this happiness that I’ve found; you can depend on Him, it matters not where you’re bound. I’ll shout it from the mountaintop; I want my world to know; the Lord of love has come to me, I want to pass it on.” This is my prayer for you. May it be so!

Along with my clergy team I wish you, my dear parishioners, A Blessed And Holy Easter!

Fr. Innocent Fernandes, SVD
(Parish Priest)