Our parish has 27 Eucharistic Ministers from different communities (Zones). The spiritual director guides us in attending to the sick and home-bound. The Priests enrich the Eucharistic Ministers spiritually from time to time so that they can be good examples by their way of life.

The Eucharistic Ministers reach out to the home-bound who cannot participate in the Mass and join us in the celebration on Sundays. They read to them the Gospel of the day and explain it before administering to them the Holy Communion. Besides this, the Eucharistic Ministers also assist in distribution of Holy Communion, during Mass.

They meet every month on first Fridays to share their personal experiences from their visits and to get guidance from their spiritual directors. They review the list of home bound people to ensure all are attended to. To meet their spiritual needs, they have recollections twice a year. They renew their commitment once a year during the celebration of the Eucharist on the feast of Corpus Christi. They see to it that the home-bound are visited periodically by the priests of the parish for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Anointing of the sick when needed. It is indeed a privilege to be a Eucharistic Minister.