St. Paul’s Guild was formed in 2002 at Sacred Heart Church with three members. The main objective of St. Paul’s Guild is to take care of the newly baptized members of our Church by building up fellowship and solidarity and to help them to be adult Catholics.

In 2004, this Guild organized Christmas celebrations with 18 members, including their godparents. It was then the core group for the guild was formed. In 2010, 20 members and their godparents attended the annual gathering. By this time, the number of the adult baptized had risen to 78. In 2011, on Easter Sunday, the Guild organized an Easter Celebration of the adult Catholics in the Community Centre. There were about 50 members who actively participated in this get together. The members also expressed their desire to come together often.

The activities of St. Paul’s Guild include: Faith Formation Input Sessions, Celebration of the Holy Eucharist and building up of fellowship, visiting the families of the adult Catholics etc.

Message to the Parishioners: Let us be true Catholic witnesses of Jesus Christ.