In recent times, the Church is offering parents preparing their / your children for baptism an opportunity to renew their / your own faith as they / you make a gift of it to the / your children in Baptism.

The significant characteristic of this programme is the varied experiences by different team members during the sessions.



– Group Sharing


– Team members sharing their personal experiences


– Prayer (rite) exercise at the end of each session


Courses are held 4 times a year on 5 consecutive Sundays at 10:00 am in Room # 4 of the Community Centre


Duration : 1 1/2 to 2 hours


Be faithful in your Baptism…. be open to Christ, welcome the Spirit, so that a new Pentecost may take place in every community…. Ideologies are unable to defeat that evil which keeps people enslaved. Christ is the only one who can free us from this evil… It makes the task of Church facing more urgent : to re-kindle the hearts of all the baptised the grace they received. (Pope John Paul II in L’Osservatore Romano October 21, 1992)

Attend the course in the fourth / fifth month before the arrival of the / your baby.