The Parish Liturgy Team – PLT,was initiated in the year 2002.

The team meets on the last Wednesday of every month.
For the planning of Lent, Holy Week, Advent, Christmas, New Year, Parish Annual Day, Feast of Christ the King etc., the team meets more often and more frequently. 

Role of Parish Liturgy Team:

The responsibilities of the Parish Liturgy Team can be grouped into three areas:

  1. Preparation of the Liturgy
    • Identifying the theme based on the Liturgical Celebrations, Solemnities Feasts and Special Occasions.
    • Providing guidelines to the parish community and preparing them towards the Celebration
    • Preparing the Lectors to understand and proclaim the Word of God.
  2. Central Co-ordination of all the relevant Ministries
    • Linking in with the main celebrant, choir, sacristan, lectors, logistics like sound, florists, altar decorations, backdrops, etc.


  3. Creating the Annual Schedule
    • For Holy – Hour, other schedules and rundowns – giving detailed instructions of rites and prayers to assist the team in effectively celebrating services without any hitches.


  4. Evaluation & Training
    • Along with the pastoral team, the PLT reviews the main celebrations.
    • Feedback from the parishioners, PPC, PAC is openly discussed and deliberated upon.