The website Team comprises of lay parishioners and the Parish clergy team. They work regularly to update and maintain the location connected to the Internet, that maintains web pages containing information of the Sacred Heart Parish, Andheri East.

Our Parish Website:, is easy to use, has useful resources, gives valuable informations about our Parish and its activities viz. Small Christian Communities, Centre for Community Organization and other Associations, Cells, Groups and Communities functioning under their umbrella. Information on Religious Institutions in our parish campus are also featured on our site.

This tool also helps divulge information to the general public, those apart from our parishioners, not forgetting those parishioners residing abroad.

Weekly Announcements are available at a click of a button. The gallery section contains the pictures of the ongoing activities. The website is linked to the Parish Facebook page which is more response based, and allows parishioners to communicate.

The team meets as often as is needed to keep this site up to date.