With the strength of the parish and its talents increasing, the need was felt to have a separate committee to take care of the cultural and entertainment programmes of the parish. The Parish Cultural Committee (PCC) was formed in January 2011.

Purpose of the Association

  1. To organize cultural programs in the Parish.
  2. To plan and execute the approved programs.
  3. Could be approached by any association, community, individual and others to organize an event proposed by them after due consultation and approval.

Functions of the Association

  1. An Annual Planner of programs / events to be held, to be prepared. The annual plan for the association would be for the calendar year, i.e.January to December.
  2. Select and plan the programs in consultation with the Parish Priest. The entire details of the program should be sent to the Parish priest for approval that would include, type of event, the date, the objective of the event, the estimated budget, and so on. A format for the same could be prepared.
  3. Follow the guidelines laid by the Parish Pastoral Team.
  4. Organize some fund raising programs as well (if, it is for the cause of the Parish). The office bearer in charge of accounts to take care of the accounting details in consultation with the Pastoral team.
  5. Parish Day function, Carol Festival (in association with SCCs) would be organized by the Cultural Association which would be in November and December.
  6. Apart from the above, at least 2 major events to be held during the first part of the year.
  7. Some of the programs that are proposed:- Musical Nites, Band, Concerts, Talent Shows, Parents Day, Events that correspond with the Parish Theme of the Year, Cultural Dances (different states) for Independence Day, Exhibition during Mission Sundays and so on