The Patron Saints of the Parish Ushers Association are St. Peter & St. Paul, whose feast is celebrated on the 29th of June.

Aim : PILLARS OF SACRED HEART is to help in the smooth functioning of various major events of the parish.


  1. The Association is called the Pillars of Sacred Heart.
  2. Its meetings are held bi-monthly.
  3. The executive committee of the association comprises of Spiritual Director, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint-Secretary, Treasurer and two members from the group.
  4. The term of the executive committee of the association is of three years.
  5. next head of the association shall be elected from the group itself, one with a prior service of minimum 3 years in the group.


  • Help to find seating for those who need it.
  • Distribution of hymn sheets.
  • Help to take up collections and special offerings.
  • Assist in the Holy Communion services at all Sunday masses throughout the year and other special Eucharistic Celebrations viz.: –

    • New Year
    • All Association’s Day
    • Maundy Thursday
    • Good Friday
    • Holy Saturday
    • Easter
    • First Communion Mass
    • Christ the King Feast (Mass & procession)
    • Christmas
    • All weekdays, Sunday Mass and days of Obligation

Other Activities :

  • The cleaning up of the Church / Chapel & Community Center Hall, once a year.
  • Washing of the palms before Palm Sunday.
  • Washing the chairs.
  • cleaning of the church grounds

So Come Be A Part Of Pillars Of Sacred Heart And Make A Difference To All Around.